MS Ch 1

  1. offers peer evaluation for accreditation every 3 years for all types of health care agencies that meet their standards. Requires that health care organiztions create a culture of safety
    Joint Commission
  2. Goals that require health care organzizations to focus on specific priority safety practices, many of which involve nursing care
    National patient safety goals
  3. Program that started 1000 lives campaign, created rapid response teams and protect patients from 5 million incidents of medical harm
    IHI (institue for healthcare improvement)
  4. The team a nurse call when changes are happening to a patient and the nurse doesnt know why such as change in LOC or vital signs. They also provide care to pts before a respiratory or cardiac arrest occurs.
    Rapid response team (RRT)
  5. organization thats purpose is to provide patient centered care, collaborate witht he interdisciplinary health care team, implement evidence based practice, using quality improvement in pt care, using informatics for pt care.
    IOM ( instute of medicine) Core Competences for Health Professionals.
  6. Functions that are mutually determined by the nurse and the physician or other health care member or those that are directed or prescribed by the health care provider but require nursing judegement to perform
    Collabrative nursing functions
  7. Function that is initiated and carried out without direction from the health care provider such as weighing the pt or listening to breath sounds.
    Independent nursing functions.
  8. emphasizes the importance of preventing harm and ensuring the pt's well-being.
  9. refers to equality. all pts should be treated equally and fairly.
  10. Refers to a pt's self-determination or self-management. Pts should be treated with respect and capable of making informed decisions about their health care
  11. goal of this management is to provide quality and cost effective services and resources to acheive positive pt outcomes.
    Case manager
  12. Formal method of communicating between two or more members of the health care team. Most often used when there is an unmet pt need or problem and also to communicate continuing care issues when pt is transfered
  13. a specialized computer science that is used to manage information and technology
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