Physics ch 14

  1. the change in direction of light
  2. simplest mirror is the flat mirror image appears where?
    behind the mirror
  3. p represents what
    objects distance from the mirror
  4. when the image in the mirror is right side up what is it called
    virtual image
  5. R represents what
    the distance from the mirrors surface to the center of the curvature
  6. c represents what
  7. the line that extends infinitely from the center of the mirrors surface through to the center of the curvature "c"
    principal axis
  8. an image point halfway between the center of the curvature and the center of the mirrors surface
    focal point (F)
  9. distance between the focal point on the mirrors surface
    focal length (f)
  10. Convex spherical mirrors are what
    virtual, smaller than the image, and behind
  11. When the object distance is greater than the focal length...
    the image is real, in front of the mirror, and smaller than the object. q is + p is + and f is +
  12. When the object is at the focal point
    the image is infinitely far to the left and not seen. there is no image
  13. When the object is between the focal point and the mirror...
    the image is virtual, behind the mirror, and larger than the object. p is + q is -
  14. p=
    object distance
  15. q=
    image distance
  16. h=
    height of object
  17. h'=
    height of image
  18. R=
  19. m=
  20. f=
    focal length
  21. F=
    focal point
  22. in convex mirrors q and f are always
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Physics ch 14
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