Frankentstein Vocab #1

  1. satiate
    to feed to the full; to fully satisfy
  2. inure
    to be become accustomed to something painful or difficult; to harden
  3. paoxysm
    any sudden ciolent action or emotion; convulsion or fit
  4. oblivion
    act or forgetting; forgetfullness
  5. vagrant
    an idle wanderer; vagabond
  6. vehement
    acting with great forces; furious; impetuous; ardent
  7. inclemency
    harshness; severity; lack of mercy
  8. multifarious
    having great diversity; of various kinds
  9. ineffectual
    not producing proper effort; in vain
  10. chimera
    monster with lion's head, goat's body, and dragon's tail
  11. infallible
    incapable of error; certain
  12. obliterate
    to erase or blot out; to cancel
  13. adduce
    to cite; to allege; to offer as arguement
  14. approbation
    approval; sanction; commmendation
  15. ignominy
    dishonor; audible expression of sorrow
  16. disdain
    to despise; to reject as unworthy; contempt
  17. recompense
    to compensate; compensation
  18. poignant
    emotionally touching or moving
  19. echortation
    the art of encouraging or motivating
  20. ardent
    hot or burning; fiery; warm; fervent
  21. dispel
    to drive away, to dissipate
  22. ineffectual
    not producing proper effort; in vain
  23. canvass
    to examine in detail; to scrutinize; to solicit
  24. persevere
    to persist in anything undertaken
  25. dilatory
    tending to delay or be late
  26. intimate
    to suggest indirectly; to hint
  27. dissuade
    to advise or echort against; to diver by persuasion
  28. inexorable
    inflexible; relentless
  29. sanguinary
    bloody; eager to shed blood
  30. apothecary
    a pharameutical chemist; a druggist
  31. diffidence
    humility; modesty; hesitation
  32. requisition
    a requirement; a state of being demanded
  33. mutable
    changeable; capable of change
  34. stigma
    a brand, mark or disgrace
  35. opprobrium
    the disgrace that follows shameful conduct; infamy
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