test #8

  1. Proximal
    Toward or nearest to the trunk of the body or point of origin.
  2. Prone
    Lying face down on the abdomen
  3. Supine
    lying horizontally on the back, face up
  4. Superficial
    Near the surface
  5. Superior
    above or upward toward the head
  6. Mediolateral
    pertaining to the middle and side of a structure.
  7. Ventral
    pertaining to the front; belly side up
  8. Lateral
    toward the side of the body
  9. Inferior
    below or downward toward the tail or feet.
  10. Dorsal
    pertaining to the back
  11. Caudal
    pertaining to the tail.
  12. Anterior
    pretaining to the front of the body or toward the belly of the body.
  13. Medial
    toward the midline of the body.
  14. Supination
    a movement that allows the palms to turn upward or foward.
  15. Posterior
    pretaining to the back of the body.
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