Basic Chemistry - Appendix A - AAOS book

  1. Chemistry
    The Study of Matter
  2. Matter
    any substance that has mass (weight) and volume (occupies space)
  3. chemical properties
    a change in the chemical makeup of a substance
  4. Physical properties of a substance
    color, odor, melting point, boiling point, and physical state
  5. Pure Substance
    Uniformed in its composition and chemical properties and cannot be easily separated
  6. chemical compounds
    pure substance consisting of atoms combine in specific ratios that can be split into simpler substances by chemical reactions
  7. Atom
    smallest and simplest particle of an element that can be part of a chemical reaction
  8. elements
    pure substance that contain only one type of atom and cannot be separated into simpler components
  9. Mixture
    two or more substance blended together
  10. molecule
    smallest particle of a compound that still retains the properties of that compound
  11. protons
    • -positively charged subatomic particle located that have mass located in nucleus of the atom
    • -tend to repel each other
  12. Neutrons
    • -electrically NEUTRAL (not charged) particles that have mass located in the nucleus of the atom
    • -do not interact electrically with other subatomic particles
  13. electrons
    • -electrically NEGATIVE particles that are much lighter then protons and neutrons that htey are considered to have essentially no mass
    • -move about rapidly ina space around the nucleus
    • -tend to repel each other
    • -have opposite electrical charge then protons so they attract to one another
  14. nucleus
    • -central area of the atom, packed with protons and neutrons
    • -accounts for nearly all of the atom's mass
  15. virtually every molecule of organic (living) matter contains?
  16. Organic Chemistry
    the study of the chemistry of compounds that contain carbon and related compounds
  17. chemical formulas
    • -combinations of individual symbols
    • -show how many atoms of each element are present
  18. atomic weight (AW)
    the average mass of the elements atom
  19. molecular weight (MW)
    the average mass of a substance's molecule
  20. atomic mass unit (AMU)
    unit of measurement for the combined atomic and molecular weight
  21. ions
    electrically charged atom
  22. cation
    a positively charged ion
  23. anion
    a negatively charged ion
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