Week 2

  1. distichous leaves,
    acicular leaves
    red peely bark
    cypress knees
    • Taxodium distichum
    • Bald Cypress
    • Taxodiaceae
  2. multitrunk, palmately lobed
    random radical spining pattern
    skinny trunks
    medium sized, bushy
    • Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
    • Saw Cabbage Palm
    • Arecaceae
  3. yellow spines with black tip, point towards leaves
    single trunk, medium size
    trunk covered in fibers
    fleshy point above lamina
    • Chamaerops humilis
    • European Fan Palm
    • Arecaceae
  4. inflorescences stay tight to trunk
    spines face trunk
    biforcation lobes make it droopy
    reddish coloration to trunk
    • Livistonia chinesis
    • Chinese Fan Palm
    • Arecaceae
  5. trunk is needley
    deeply lobed
    medium sized, bushy
    • Rhapidophyllum hystrix
    • Needle Palm
    • Arecaceae
  6. multi trunk, palmately lobed, very skinny trunks
    serrated lobes
    medium sized, bushy
    • Rhapis excelsa
    • Lady Palm
    • Arecaceae
  7. stiff leaves
    inflorescences longer than leaves
    smooth petiole
    short palm, trunk underground
    • Sabal minor
    • Dwarf Palmetto
    • Arecaceae
  8. infloescences penetrated canopy
    no spines
    stringy fibers coming out of lobes
    folded palms-costapalmate
    very tall
    • Sabal palmetto
    • Cabbage Palm
    • Arecaceae
  9. serrated petiole,
    blueish to waxygreen or yellow green
    curved trunk
    medium sized bushy
    • Serenoa repens
    • Saw palmetto
    • Arecaceae
  10. small small spines
    long petioles
    super furry
    medium sized, single trunk
    • Trachycarpus fortunei
    • Windmill Palm
    • Arecaceae
  11. Short petioles
    flat spines
    most curved inflorescences
    skirt of dead leaves
    very tight plants
    • Washingtonia robusta
    • Washington Palm
    • Arecaceae
  12. pinately divided, tight leaf bases
    leaves are a v pointed down- reduplicate
    spines more like stiff hairs
    medium sized
    • Butia capitata
    • Pindo Palm
    • Arecaceae
  13. single trunk, stretch diamond pattern
    very tall thick trunk
    common for ferns to grow out of ball
    leaflets become spines on petiole near trunk
    pinately divided
    • Phoenix canariensis
    • Canary Island Date Palm
    • Arecaceae
  14. pinately divided
    hairy old leaves on trunk
    leaflets reduce to tight spines on trunk
    folded v leaflets- induplicate
    multi trunk
    • Phoenix reclinata
    • Senegal Date Palm
    • Arecaceae
  15. very long leaves 8-25ft
    fibers covering base of petiole
    smooth petioles
    leaflets come off in 2,3,4,or 1 random pattern
    pinately diveded
    • Syagrus romanzoffiana
    • Queen Palm
    • Arecaceae
  16. toxic sap
    whorled leaf pattern
    prominent midrib, with penni-parallelveined (90*veins)
    tall tree full bush
    • Nerium oleander
    • Oleander
    • Apocynaceae
  17. brown wirey stems, dont climb they fall
    ground cover
    reticulate veination (crazy veination)
    • Trachelospermum asiaticum
    • Small-leaf confederate jasmine
    • Apocynaceae
  18. mercronate apex(flexible spine)
    bright white midrim on underside
    square stem on new growth
    • Buxus microphylla
    • Boxwood
    • Buxaceae
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