SAT Word Quiz

  1. Lacuna
    Blank space
  2. Nebbish
    Weak-willed, timid person
  3. Bibelot
    A Trinket
  4. Veritable
    Real; True; Genuine
  5. Enjoin
    To forbid
  6. Tortuous
    Marked by repeated turns and bends
  7. Atelier
    A workshop; a studio
  8. Penchant
    Strong liking
  9. Rapacious
    Grasping; Greedy
  10. Aubade
    Song greeting the dawn
  11. Distrait
    Divided or withdrawn in attention
  12. Verboten
    Forbidden; Prohibited
  13. Panjandrum
    Important or self-important official
  14. Pallid
    Pale; Wan
  15. Lapidary
    Terse or refined expression
  16. Torpor
    Lethargic indifference; Apathy
  17. Flagitous
    Grossly wicked; Scandalous
  18. Machination
    Crafty scheme to accomplish an evil end
  19. Vitiate
    To make faulty or imperfect
  20. Mondegree
    Word or phrase resulting from misinterpretation (ex. misheard lyrics)
  21. Perambulate
    To walk through or over
  22. Myrmidon
    a loyal follower
  23. Bonhomie
    Pleasant and easy manner
  24. Nonplus
    To puzzle completely
  25. Largess
    Generous giving
  26. Numinous
  27. Solicitous
    Full of care or concern
  28. Mendacity
    Quality of being untruthful
  29. Eschew
    To shun; to avoid
  30. Apposite
    Striking appropriateness and relevance
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