Med term 1

  1. Calcification
    is the process by which organic tissue becomes hardened by deposits of calcium
  2. Ankylosis
    is an abnormal condition in which a joint is immobile and stiff
  3. Arthroscopy
    is direct visualization of the interior of a joint using a special fiberoptic endoscope called an arthroscope
  4. Cellulitis
    is an acute, spreading inflammation of the deep subcutaneous tissues
  5. Chondral
    means pertaining to cartilage
  6. costochondral
    (also chondrocostal)
    pertaining to a rib and its cartilage
  7. craniotomy
    is an incision through the skull
  8. fascia
    is used for the fibrous membrane that covers, supports, and separates muscles
  9. fibromyalgia
    characterized by widespread non+articular pain of the torso, extremities, and face
  10. fibrosarcoma
    is a malignant tumor containing much fibrous tissue
  11. Hematopoiesis
    is the formation and development of blood cells
  12. Hyperuricemia-
    inflammationdue to excesive uric acid
  13. Intercostal
    means between the ribs
  14. laminectomy
    surgical removal of the bony posterior arch of a vertebra to permit surgical access to the disk so that the herniated material can be removed.
  15. Myalgia
    is muscle pain
  16. myasthenia gravis
    is characterized by fatigue and muscle weakness resulting from a defect in the conduction of nerve impulses.
  17. myocele
    is a condition in which muscle protrudes through its fascial covering.
  18. Myopathy
    means any disease of muscle.
  19. Osteitis
    is inflammation of a bone and may be caused by infection, degeneration, or trauma
  20. Osteoarthritis,
    also called degenerative joint disease (DJD), is a form of arthritis in which one or many joints undergo degenerative changes, particularly loss of articular cartilage.
  21. Osteomalacia
    is a reversible skeletal disorder characterized by a defect in the mineralization of bone
  22. Tenomyoplasty
    is surgical repair of tendon and muscle
  23. Osteomyelitis
    is an infection of the bone and bone marrow and is caused by infectious microorganisms
  24. Paraparesis
    is slight or partial paralysis
  25. Paraplegia
    is paralysis of the lower portion of the body and of both legs.
  26. Quadriplegia

    or tetra+plegia
    is paralysis of the arms and legs
  27. Rheumatism
    is a general term for acute and chronic conditions characterized byinflammation, soreness, and stiffness of muscles and by pain in joints and associated structures
  28. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
    is the second most common connective tissue disease. It is achronic, systemic (pertaining to the whole body) disease that often results in joint deformities, particularly of the hands and feet
  29. spondylomalacia
    softening of the vertebrae
  30. tetraparesis
    slight or partial paralysis that affects all four extremities.
  31. thoracolumbar
    region refers to the inferior thoracic vertebrae and the superior lumbar vertebrae as a group.
  32. vertebroplasty.
    In this procedure, a cement-like substance is injected into the body of a fractured vertebra to stabilize and strengthen it andimmediately remove pain.
  33. visceral
    muscle found in the internal organs
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