Pharmacology Chapter 1

  1. Pharmacodynamics
    The study of the drug concentration and drug effects on the body
  2. Pharmaceutic Phase
    phase in which the drug becomes solution so that it can cross the biologic membrane
  3. Excipients
    fillers and inert substances used in drug preparation
  4. Disintergration
    break down of a tablet into smaller particles
  5. Dissolution
    dissolving of the smaller particles in the GI fluid before absorption
  6. Rate limiting
    time it takes a drug to disintegrate and dissolve to become available for absorption
  7. Pharmacokinetics
    process of drug movement to acheive drug action
  8. Passive absorption
    mainly diffusion; doesn't require energy
  9. Active absorption
    requires a carrier like an enzyme or protein to move a substance against a concentration gradient
  10. Pinocytosis
    process by which cells carry a substance across their membrane by engulfing the substance
  11. First pass effect
    also called hepatic first pass; process by which a substance passes to the liver first; the liver metabolizes the substance
  12. Bioavailability
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