GEO 220 Chapter 1

  1. RNI
    • ´╗┐Rate of Natural Increase
    • Depicts the annual growth rate of a country or region as a percentage. Produced by subtracting the number of deaths in a given year from the number of births.
  2. Crude birth (or death) rate
    The number of births or deaths per 1,000 of the population.
  3. TFR
    Total Fertility Rate
  4. Demographic transition model
    • A 4-stage conceptualization that tracks the changes in birth and death rates as a population urbanizes.
    • Stage 1: Pre-industrial; birth and death rates both high.
    • Stage 2: Transitional; death rates fall, birth rates still high, producing a dramatic increase in the RNI.
    • Stage 3: Transitional; birth rates fall.
    • Stage 4: Industrial; birth and death rates both low.
  5. GNI
    • Gross National Income
    • GDP plus net income from abroad.
    • A short-term indicator.
  6. PPP
    • Purchasing Power Parity
    • A qualification to GNI per capita that takes into account the strength or weakness of the local currency.
  7. HDI
    • Human Development Index
    • Combines data on life expectancy, literacy, educational attainment, gender equity (the ratio of male to female students enrolled in primary and secondary schools) and income.
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