American 11 Chapter Test review.

  1. ___________ Was the northern democratic candidate in the 1860 Presidental election.
    Stephen Douglas
  2. Which of the following was not considered a border state in 1861?

    A) North Carolina
  3. At the beginning of the Civil War, the South was more interested in fighting a(n) offensive/defensive war?
    Defensive War
  4. This was the name of the North's two part strategy, which was devised by General Winfield Scott.
    Anaconda Plan.
  5. In this type of warfare, you attempt to wear your oppenent down and take away their will to fight.
    Gorilla Warfare.
  6. True or False: When the civil war started in 1861, slavery was legal in all four of the border states.
  7. True or False: Fort Sumter, South Carolina was the site of the first official battle of the civil war.
  8. This was the first battle in the Civil War that produced major loss of life.
    Battle of Shiloh
  9. This was the Union General that was successful in securing Union victories at Fort Henry and Donelson early in the war.
    General Ulysses S. Grant
  10. The battle for this Southern port city was important because it could open up the mississippi river to the Union.
    Battle of New Orleans
  11. Captured war supplies
  12. This battle took place outside of Washington, D.C and proved to be the deadliest one day of the civil war.
    Battle of Antietam
  13. True or False: Freedmen were automatically accepted into the Union Army as soldiers on January 1, 1863.
  14. True or False: Slaves proved to be of little or no help to the success of the Union Army in the south.
  15. The ____ Massachusetts Regiment was the first all black regiment in the history of war.
  16. The ____________ Act mandated that black soldiers be accepted into the Union military.
  17. what was president lincoln's main purpose in writing the emancipation proclamation was to provide this for slaves?
    To give slaves hope.
  18. True or False: One of the outcomes of the Battle of Antietam was that it preserved the state of Missouri for the Union.
  19. What fort did Robert Gould shaw and his massachusetts regiment attempted to take in Charleston, South Carolina?
    Fort Wagner
  20. True or False: When the Emancipation proclamation took effect on Jan. 1, 1863, it abolished slavery in borth Union and Confederate states.
  21. This was legistlation that allowed the Union treasury to issue paper money and create the first ever common currency in the United States.
    Legal Tender Act
  22. This legislation gave land grants to companies to build rail lines through Union territory.
    Pacific Railroad Act
  23. What was the capital City of the Confederacy?
  24. When did the civil war "Officially" ended?
    June 19th, 1865
  25. Name some information of the Lincoln assassination
    • -Died 5 days after General Lee's surrender to grant.
    • -Lincoln was attending a play at Ford's Theatre
    • -John Wilkes Booth was the gunman
  26. Who was the first women to get hanged in the United States during the Civil War
    Mary Surratt
  27. What are some reasons the North won the war?
    • -Greater Technology
    • -Larger Population
    • -More Resources
    • -Military leaders willing to do anything to win the war
    • -President Lincoln and his great leadership
  28. A period of time that on the surface looked good but was just covering the economic decay that was actually defining america.
    Gilded Age
  29. What is the Land Grant college Act?
    Gave money from the sale of public lands to States to establish Universities.
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