1. "blank"means that it it assumed the contents of a package will remain sterile indefinitely unless the packaging is compromised.
    event-related packaging
  2. A "blank" is an agent capable of killing all microorganisms.
  3. The "blank" is a piece of equipment that is used for sterilizing by means of moist heat under pressure.
  4. "blank" are vials or strips, also known as spore tests, that contain harmless bacterial spores and are used to determine whether a sterilizer is working.
    biologic indicators
  5. the "blank" is a piece of equipment that is used for sterilizing by means of hot formaldehyde vapors under pressure.
    Chemical vapor sterilizer
  6. An instrument used to penetrate soft tissue or bone is identified as a "blank"
    critical instrument
  7. Instruments that come in contact with oral tissues but do not penetrate soft tissue or bone are indentified as "blank"
    semicritical instruments
  8. "blank" are instruments that come into contact with intact skin only.
    noncritical instruments
  9. in the "blank" of the sterilization center, sterilized instruments, fresh disposable supplies, and prepared trays are stored.
    clean area
  10. The "blank" of the sterilization center is where contaminated items are brought for precleaning.
    contaminated area
  11. A piece of equipment used for sterilization by mean of heated air is the
    dry heat sterilizer
  12. "blank" is the length of time that a germicidal solution is effective after it has been prepared for use.
  13. The "blank" verifies sterilization by confirming that all spore-forming microorganisms have been destroyed.
    biologic monitor
  14. tapes, strips, and tabs with heat-sensitive chemicals that change color when exposed to a certain temperature are examples of a
    single parameter indicator
  15. An "blank" is resistant, dormant sructure thst is formed inside of some bacteria and can withstand adverse conditions.
  16. The "blank" is a divice that loosens and removes debris with the use of sound waves traveling through a liquid.
    ultrasonic cleaner
  17. An "blank" is an indicator that reacts to time, temperature, and the presence of steam.
    multi-parameter indicator
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