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  1. what is the unofficial 8th grand cru of chablis
    la Moutonne (comprised of parcels of both Les Preuses and Vaudésir, and a monopole of Domaine Long-Depaquit)
  2. of the oolitic limestone and marl in burgundy, which in general is better for reds and which better for whites
    the marl-dominated soil produces better red wines, and the limestone-dominated soil produces better whites
  3. size of standard burgundy barrel
    228 liter
  4. communes of marsannay
    Marsannay-la-Côte, Chenôve, Couchey
  5. min abv of blanc, rouge and rose marsannay
    • 11 blanc
    • 10.5 rouge et rose
  6. max yield for marsanny blanc et rouge
    • blanc 45 hl/ha
    • rouge 40 hl/ha
  7. communes of fixin
    Fixin and Brochon
  8. premiere cru of fixin commune
    Clos Napoléon, Le Village, Aux Cheusots, Le Clos du Chapitre, La Perrière, Clos de la Perrière, En Suchot, Les Hervelets (includes Les Meix Bas), Les Arvelets
  9. premiere cru of brochon commune
    Queue de Hareng, Clos de la Perrière
  10. communes of gevrey chambertin
    Gevrey-Chambertin and Brochon
  11. yield max for blanc et rouge fixin
  12. Blanc: 45 hl/ha
    Rouge: 40 hl/ha
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