CAPP Quiz 1

  1. CC
    Chief Complaint
  2. HPI
    History of Patient Illness
  3. PMH
    Past Medical History
  4. PSH
    Past Surgical History
  5. FH
    Family History
  6. SH
    Social History
  7. ROS
    Review of Systems
  8. PE
    Pysical Exam
  9. DOB
    Date of Birth
  10. S/P
    Status Post
  11. RO
    Rule Out
  12. Image Upload 1
    male / female
  13. AAM and AAF
    African American Male and Female
  14. AF and AM
    Asian Female and Male
  15. BF and BM
    Black Female and Male
  16. HF and HM
    Hispanic Female and Male
  17. WF and WM
    White Female and Male
  18. EtOH
    Ethonal / Alcohol
  19. y/o
    years old
  20. Image Upload 2
  21. Entercolitis
    inflammation of the small/large intestine
  22. Epigastric
    above the stomach
  23. Colostomy
    new incision in the large instestine
  24. Hepatosplenomegaly
    enlargement of the liver and spleen
  25. Abdominal
    pertaining to the abdomen
  26. Gastroenteritis
    inflammation of the stomach nad small and intestine
  27. Cholecytisis
    inflammation of the gallbladder
  28. Abduction
    movement of drawing away from middle
  29. Adduction
    movement of drawing toward middle
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