Telephone Pro

  1. Obectives
    • Learn how to respond in a way that meets or exceeds customer expections
    • Understand the important role being telephone pro plays in Service Excellence
    • Learn how to use courtesy to produce positive outcomes
  2. Steps for Service Excellence
    • Make Connction
    • Exchange Information
    • Take Action
  3. Importance of call
    • Customers call for specific reasons
    • Not to chat
    • Important information or action
    • First impression essential
    • Pleasant and professional
  4. Customer Needs
    • Information they need.
    • Connection w/someone who will help them
    • To know that you know what you are doing
    • That they can count on you
  5. Time Sensitivity
    • Over-estimate wait time
    • Keep wait time short
    • Make time spent waiting fell as short as possible
  6. Answering the Phone
    • Answer promptly
    • Stop everything else
    • Give undivided attention
  7. What's in a Greeting?
    • Identify your department
    • Identify yourself
    • Follow with a service greeting
  8. Listening Effectively
    • Encourage talk
    • Do not interupt
    • Repeat back
    • Listen for feelings
    • Seek more information
  9. Effective Communication
    • Speak clearly and smile
    • Pleasant tone
    • Take notes
    • Control volume and speed of voice
    • Enthusiasm and respect
    • Never eat, drink, or chew gum
    • Avoid jargon and acronyms
  10. Effective Communication 2
    • Give reasons
    • Step by step insturctions
    • Use hold button
    • Open-ended questions
    • Be concerned, empathetic, and apologetic
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Telephone Pro
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