phlebotomy compilation

  1. hemostasis
    blood clotting
  2. hemolysis
    damage or destruction of Red Blood Cells (RBC)
  3. 2 circulatory systems
    • 1) pulmonary circulation: heart circulation
    • 2) systemic circulation: other body parts
  4. pericardium
    thin membrane that surrounds the heart. Provides support and lubricant during contraction
  5. Arteriole Blood Gas (ABG)
    most common gas tests. O2 and CO2
  6. tunica intima
    inner layer of arteries and veins
  7. tunica media
    meddle layer of the vein and arteries
  8. tunica adventitia
    outer layer of the veins and arteries
  9. formed elements
    • 45% of blood:
    • 99% RBC
    • WBC compose less than 1%
  10. plasma
    liquid part of blood is mostly water
  11. non-specific immunity
    defense against infection (no cell markers)
  12. specific immunity
    molecular recognition of cell markers
  13. autoimmunity
    body kills itself
  14. skin puncture collects blood from _____
    collects blood from capillary
  15. CLIA 88
    clinical laboratory improvement act of 1988

    legislation that regulates all lab procedures
  16. NCCLS
    national committee for clinical laboratory standards

    develops standards for accurate performance
  17. NAACLS
    national accrediting agency for clinical lab scientists
  18. common length of a needle is
    1 to 1 and a half inches
  19. serum
    the liquid that remains in blood lacking fibrinogens which form clot
  20. centrifuge
    a machine that spins the blood tubes at a high number of revolutions per minute
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