1. ____inches is the minimum depth of slab on grade.
    3 1/2 "
  2. The minimum size of a plumbing exhaust vent is ___inch.
    1 1/4
  3. ---inches is the minimum length of a cord to a trash compactor
  4. ____feet is the minmum clearance for lighting over a swimming pool and the area within ___feet of the inside edge of the pool
    12 5
  5. ___inches is the width of a stairway with a handrail
  6. Knob and tube wiring should not be ___
  7. A gas line is or is not permitted to run inside a combustion air duct
  8. ____inches is the minimum freeze depth in texas
  9. Electrical outlets must be within ___feet of each other
  10. Plastic gas lines must be buried a minimum of ___inches
  11. A fireplace with a gas appliance is required to have the ___blocked open
  12. A gas flex line to a gas furnace can be ___feet long
  13. Whe the house is heated by forced warm air, the most common location for the evaporator is in the furnace ___.
  14. ___inch is the minimum air gap between the water flow (from the condensate line) and the evaporator coil
  15. ___feet is the maximum length of a flexible gas line that connects to a furnace
  16. ___inches is the minimum length of a cord to a garbage disposal
  17. ___is the minimum pitch for a wood shingle roof
  18. ___is the minimum pitch for a composition roof
  19. A ___window is hinged on one side only
  20. A ___gas flame indicates insufficient primal or secondary air
  21. Rigid metal conduit is supported every __feet and within ___feet of any box or fitting
    10 3
  22. 3 phase circuits have ___power conductors and ____circuit ground
    3 and 1
  23. A vent terminal shall not be within __feet of an opening to an interior wall unless it is at least ___feet above the top of the opening
    5 and 2
  24. Vent pipe extensions must pass through the roof at least ___inches above the high side of the penetration
  25. A 2 bedroom home must have a minimum septic tank of ____gallons and a 3 bedroom must have a septic tank of ___gallons
    750 and 1000
  26. The minimum drain size for sewer is
  27. The purpose of the ___is to absorb heat from the refrigerant
  28. The purpose of the ___is to remove heat from the refrigerant
  29. The ___line should be warm to the touch
  30. The ___ ___ should be cool to the touch
    suction line
  31. The temperature drop between the supply and the return air should be between ____ and _____ degrees
    15 to 20
  32. The line that extends from the compressor to the condenser is called the ___ or the ____ ____.
    discharge or hot gas
  33. The tubing or line connecting the evaporator to the compressor is called the ____ ____.
    suction line
  34. An accessible disconnect shall be mounted insight and not less than ___feet from the inside walls of the pool, spa, or hot tub
  35. A minimum of one ___amp branch circuit shall be provided for receptacles located in the laundry room. They shall serve only the laundry room
  36. The minimum size of conductors for feeder and branch circuits shall be ___copper and ___aluminum
    14 copper and 12 aluminum
  37. The clothes washer or laundry tub can or cannot discharge to a trap serving the kitchen sink
  38. Common trapped fixtures shall not be more than ___inches apart
  39. The trap shall be installed at the ___ ___ when 3 such fixtures are installed
    center fixture
  40. All hot water distribution pipe and tubing shall have a minimum pressure rating of ____psi at ___degrees F
    100 and 180
  41. water supply systems shall be tested under a water pressure not less than ___psi for ___minutes without evidence of leakage
    100 and 30
  42. Underground piping systems shall be installed a minimum of ___inches below grade
  43. The bottom of a vent terminal and an air intake sahll be located at least ___inches above grade
  44. The maximum temperature for plastic ducts is ____degrees
    150 degrees
  45. A clearance of at least ___inches shall be maintained between the cooking surface and non-combustible material cabinet or ventilating hood
  46. Range hoods shall be vented to the outdoors by a single wall duct constructed of ___, ____, or _____
    galvanized steel, stainless steel, or copper
  47. Mantel and trimwork or other combustible material shall not be placed within ___inches of a fireplace opening
  48. Metal shingles shall not be installed on a roof with a slope of less than ___
  49. Unreinforced solid masonry parapet walls shall not be less than ___inches thick and their height shall not exceed ____times their thickness
    8 and 4
  50. Solid masonry walls of one-story dwellings and garages shall not be less than ___inches thick when not greater than 9 ft in height
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