1. adaptation
    inherited char species developls over time response to an environmental enabling species to surive
  2. bio
    science of life examines how liveing things interact systems function how they function molecular level
  3. development
    changes organism undergoes lifetime before reaching adult form
  4. growth
    process results mass being added to an organism may include formation new cells and new structures
  5. homeostasis
    regulation of an organism internal environment maintain conditions needed for life
  6. organization
    orderly structure shown by liveing things
  7. reproduction
    production of offspring
  8. response
    organisms reaction to a stimulus
  9. species
    group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring
  10. stimules
    any change organisms internal or external environment that causes organism to react
  11. constant
    factor that remanis fixed during an experment while independent and dependent variables
  12. control group
    controlled experiment group that not receiving factor being tested
  13. data
    quantitative or qualitative info ganied from scientific investigation
  14. dependent variable
    factor being measured in a controlled experiment value changes because changes to the independent variable
  15. experimental group
    controlled experiment group receiving factor being tested
  16. forensics
    field of study that applies science matters legal interest other areas such as archaeology
  17. hypothesis
  18. independent variable
    one factor that can be changed controlled experiment the factor tested and affects experiment outcome
  19. inference
    assumption based on prior experince
  20. metric system
    measurement system whose divisions are powers of ten
  21. observation
    orderly direct info gathering about natural phenomenon
  22. si
    system measurements used by scientists abbreviation international system of units
  23. organism
    anything that has or once had all the characteristics of life
  24. safety symbol
    logo that you have to follow or someone will get hurt
  25. scientific methods
    series problem solving procedures might include observations inclulde forming hypothesis experimenting gathering analyzing data drawing conclusions
  26. serendipity
    occurrence of accidental or unexpected fortunate outcomes
  27. peer review
    a process which procedures used during experiment may be repeated results evaluated by scientists who are in the same field or are conducting similar research
  28. scince
    a body of knowlege based on the study of nature and its physical setting
  29. theory
    explanation of natural phenomenon based on many observations and investigations over time
  30. ethics
    a set of values
  31. experiment
    test differnent things and see if they work
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