Merrill's Volume 1 chapter 3

  1. definition of anantomy.
    The study of the structure of the body.
  2. Definition of Osteology.
    The detailed study of the body of knowledge relating to the bones of the body.
  3. What is the Midsagittal plane (MSP)?
    plane that passes through midline and divides the body into equal right and left halves.
  4. What is the Midcoronal Plane (MCP)?
    plane that passes through the body vertically from side to side, dividing the body into equal anterior and posterior halves.
  5. What is the Horizontal (Axial) plane?
    plane that passes through the body in a horizontal plane, dividing the body into superior and inferior portions.
  6. what is the Oblique plane?
    passes through a body part at any angle between previous three planes.
  7. What is the Interillac plane?
    plane that transects the body at the pelvis at the top of the iliac crests (level of L4).
  8. What is the Occlusal plane?
    Plane formed by the biting surfaces of the upper and lower teeth with jaws closed.
  9. What are the two great cavities?
    • Thoracic cavity
    • Abdominal cavity (Pelvic cavity)
  10. What does the Thoacic cavity contain?
    • -Pleural membranes (viseral & paritial lining)
    • -Lungs
    • -Trachea
    • -Esophagus
    • -Pericardium
    • -heart and great vessels
  11. What does the Abdominal cavity contain?
    • -Peritoneum
    • -Liver
    • -Gallbladder
    • -Pancreas
    • -Spleen
    • -Stomach
    • -Intestines
    • -Kidney (retroparitinial cavity)
    • -Ureters
    • -Major blood vessels
  12. Plevic portion contains?
    • -Rectum
    • -Urinary bladder
    • -Part of the reproductive system
  13. What are the methods the abdomen can be divided into?
    Quadrants and Regions

    -quadrants are useful for describing the location of various abdominal organs.
  14. What are the four quadrants?
    • Right upper quadrant (RUQ)
    • Right lower quadrant (RLQ)
    • Left upper quadrant (LUQ)
    • Left lower quadrant (LLQ)
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