Verbs (4)

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  1. los verbos
  2. bostezar
    to yawn
  3. comerse las uñas
    to bite one's nails
  4. dar
    to give
  5. doy/da
  6. encender (ie)
    to light, to turn on
  7. encontrar (ue)
    to find
  8. entrvistar
    to interview
  9. escoger (escojo)
    to choose
  10. esconder(se)
    to hide (oneself)
  11. estar de acuerdo
    to agree
  12. gritar
    to yell, scream
  13. llamar
    to call (on the phone)
  14. llorar
    to cry
  15. pedir (i: pido/pide)
    to ask for, request
  16. ponerse (me pongo, se pone)
    to become, to get..
  17. quedarse (en casa)
    to stay (at home)
  18. recibir regalos
    to get gifts
  19. reunirse (me reúno)
    to get together
  20. saber (sé/sabe)
    to know
  21. sonreír
    to smile
  22. soñar (con) (ue)
    to dream (about)
  23. tomar apuntes
    to take notes
  24. tomar un examen
    to take a test
  25. traer (traigo/trae)
    to bring
  26. celebrar
    to celebrate
  27. coincidir
    to coincide
  28. consultar
    to consult
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