Biology chapter one hearts

  1. science
    the process of gaining information about the universe
  2. 2 types of sciences
    observational science

    experimental science
  3. what is observational science and what are two examples?
    -watching with minimal interferance

    • -such as animal behavioral science
    • -such as evidence and what it reveals
  4. what is experimental science?
    -scientific method or hypothesis-based science
  5. what are 5 the steps of the scientific method?
    • -observation
    • -question--hypothesis(educated guess as to answer a question)
    • -prediction
    • -test
    • -results--conclusions
  6. scientific theory/theories. what are two examples?
    -A strong scientific statement, with a mass of evidence supporting it (never disproved to date)

    • -such as cell theory
    • -such as theory of evolution/natural selection
  7. what are 3 examples of non-science?
    • -such as art
    • -such as religion
    • -such as mythology
  8. What is pseudoscience and what are 2 examples?
    -seems like evidence but it is not

    • -such as phrenology (looking at bumps on brain to see peoples abilities)
    • -such as before and after pictures for selling a product (make up or 2 people)
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