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  1. Basal Metabolic Rate
    The rate at which het is produced when the body is at rest
  2. Biot's respirations
    Respirations that are shallow for two or three breaths with a period of variable apnea
  3. Cardiac output
    The pulse rate multiplied by the stroke volume
  4. Cheyne-Stokes respirations
    Respirations that gradually become more shallow and are followed by periods of apnea with repitition of the pattern
  5. Core temperature
    Temperature deep within the body
  6. Crisis
    Abrupt decline in fever
  7. Defervescence
    Abatement of fever
  8. Eupena
    Normal, relaxed breathing pattern
  9. Febrile
    A stage of fever in which the body temperature rises to the new set point established by the hypothalamus and remains there until there is resolution of the cause of the fever
  10. Hyperventilation
    A pattern of breathing in which there is an increase in the rate and depth of breaths and carbon dioxide is "blown off," causing the blood level of the carbon dioxide to fall
  11. Korotkoff sounds
    Sounds that relate to the effect of arterial wall vibrations during auscultation of blood pressure
  12. Kussmaul's respirations
    Respirations having an increased rate and depth with panting and long, grunting exhalations
  13. Lysis
    Breakdown, disintegration
  14. Palpate
  15. Pulse deficit
    Deficit between the apical and radial pulse
  16. Pulse pressure
    The difference between and systolic and diastolic pressure
  17. Pyrexia
    Fever; when a body temperature rises above 100.2
  18. Pyrogens
    A substance that causes fever
  19. Respiration
    The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs and tissues, which is initiated by the act of breathing
  20. Rhonchi
    continous dry, rattling sounds heard on auscultation of the lungs; caused by partial obstruction
  21. Shock
    Condition of circulatory failure
  22. Stertor
    Snoring sound produced when patients are unable to cough up secretions from the trachea or bronchi
  23. Stridor
    Shrill, harsh sound on inspiration; caused by obstruction of the upper air passages, as occurs in croup or laryngitis
  24. Stroke volume
    The volume of blood pushed into the aorta per heartbeat
  25. Wheeze
    A high-pitched whistling sound of air forced past a partial obstruction, as found in asthma or emphysema
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