Erikson's Stages

  1. Infancy-Birth-1
    • Basic trust vs Mistrust.
    • Learn by care given to meet basic needs.
  2. Toddler-1 to 3
    • Autonomy vs shame and doubt.
    • Learn to be self-sufficient or to doubt their own abilities.
  3. Preschool-4 to 6
    • Initiative vs guilt
    • Want to undertake adult activities sometimes going beyond limits and then feeling guilty.
  4. School age-7 to 11
    • Industry vs Inferority
    • Learn to be competent and productive or to feel inferior
  5. Adolescence-12-19
    • Identity vs role confusion
    • establish identities or are confused about what future roles to play.
  6. Young Adulthood-20-44
    • Intimacy vs isolation
    • Seek companionship and love or become isolated
  7. Middle Adulthood 45-65
    • Generativity vs stagnation
    • Are productive, performing meaningful work and raising a family or become stagnant and inactive.
  8. Late Adulthood 65+
    • Ego Identity vs despair
    • See life as meaningful and whole or despairing at goals never reached.
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