Lipid metabolism 2

  1. Where are fatty acids broken down?
    In mitochondria
  2. Where are fatty acids synthesized
    In the cytosol
  3. How do you get acetyl co A out of the mitochondria for fatty acid synthesis?
    Reach with OAA to form citrate, which can get into the cytosol through a translocase
  4. What does citrate lyase do?
    Breaks citrate into OAA + acetyl coA. Uses ATP
  5. How is OAA transported back into mitochondria?
    Converted to malate (via malate dehydrogenase) or converted to pyruvate (malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme)
  6. How can OAA produce 1 NADPH in the cytosol?
    By being coverted to malate (loses reducing equivelent) and then being converted to pyruvate which uses oxidative decarboxylase to produce pyruvate.
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Lipid metabolism 2
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