1. Brain & spinal cord
    CNS or central nervous system
  2. Network of nerve cells that integrate sensory input and motor output
    Neural networks
  3. Carry information out of the brain & spinal cord
    Efferent nerves
  4. Carry information to the brain & spinal cord
    Afferent nerves
  5. Complexity, integration, adaptability
    Characteristics of the CNS
  6. Circumstances/events that threaten individuals and tax their coping abilities
  7. Part of the autonomic system that calms the body
    Parasympathetic nervous system
  8. The part of the autonomic system that arouses the body
    Sympathetic nervous system
  9. Network of nerves connecting the CNS to other parts of the body
    Peripheral nervous system
  10. Two divisions of the PNS
    Somatic & autonomic nervous system
  11. Body system of sensory nerves that convey data from skin and muscles about conditions (pain, temperature) and convey data to & from motor nerves, which tell the muscles what to do.
    Somatic nervous system
  12. Body system of nerves that take messages to & from the body's internal organs and monitors processes like breathing, heart rate, and digestion
    Autonomic nervous system
  13. Two divisions of the autonomic nervous system
    Sympathetic & parasympathetic
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