1. Audiologist
    Specialists who measure hearing ability and identify, assess, manage, and prevent disorders of hearing and balance.
  2. [(C)APD]
    Auditory Processing Disorder
  3. History roots came from:
    Medicine, Education, Psychology, Linguistics, and Sociolgoy
  4. (Terms to describe disorders) Etiology
    • Cause or orgin of a problem; also the study of cause.
    • Example: Aphasia/CVA(stroke)
  5. (Terms to describe disorders) Descriptions
    Education (delayed language)
  6. SLP's Responsiblities
    Identify, diagnose, treat, and prevent
  7. Audiologist's Responsibilities
    Measure hearing ability. Identify, assess, manage, and prevent disorders of hearing and balance.
  8. Evidence Based Practice involves what?
    • -Publish Studies
    • -Peer review Journals
    • -Journal of Speech and Hearing Research
    • -American Journal of Audiology
    • -Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in the Schools
  9. What does ASHA stand for?
    American Speech Language Hearing Association
  10. What is EFFICACY?
    Probability that a definded group will benifit from treatment.
  11. What is EFFICIENCY?
    Quickest method involving the least effort.
  12. What does LSVT stand for?
    • Lee Silverstone Voice Treatment Program
    • - 20 years of research
    • - Parkinson's patients
    • - Voice Program
    • - Specific prescription
    • - Trained therapists
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