1. Outermost portion of the cortex, 80% of the human brain cortex
  2. Outermost layer of the brain, responsible for complex mental functions
    Cerebral cortex
  3. Part of the forebrain that monitors 3 pleasurable activities (eating, drinking, sex); regulator of internal state, emotions & stress.
  4. 2 principal structures of the limbic system
    Amygdala and hippocampus
  5. Brain's largest division & most forward part
  6. 3 main parts of the hindbrain
    Medulla, cerebellum, pons
  7. 3 major brain regions
    Forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain
  8. Part of the brain with an important role in speech. Left hemisphere.
    Broca's area
  9. Part of the brain involved in comprehending language. Left hemisphere.
    Wernicke's area.
  10. Bundle of axons that connect the brain's 2 hemispheres.
    Corpus callosum
  11. Region of the cerebral cortex responsible for higher intellectual functions such as thinking & problem solving
    Association cortex.
  12. Lobe behind the forehead, responsible for intelligence and control of voluntary muscles
    Frontal lobe
  13. Lobe at the back of the head that responds to visual stimuli
    Occiptal lobes
  14. 4 regions or lobes of each hemispheres
    Occipital, temporal, frontal, parietal
  15. Lobe in the top rear of the head. Spacial location, attention, motor control.
    Parietal lobes.
  16. Part of the hindbrain located where the spinal cord enters the skull. Controls breathing, heart rate, reflexes.
  17. Extends from rear of the hindbrain, responsible for motor coordination
  18. Connects cerebellum and brain stem, controls sleep and arousal
  19. Connects with spinal cord, includes much of the hindbrain
    Brain stem
  20. Diffuse collection of neurons involved in stereotyped patterns of behavior (walking, sleeping, etc)
    Reticular formation
  21. Part of the brain & limbic system that involves discrimination of objects that are necessary for survival.
  22. Part of the limbic system with special role in the storage of memories (determines which ones get “printed” into neural traces in the cortex).
  23. Part of the forebrain that sorts information and sends it to the right places – relay station.
  24. Part of the forebrain that works with the cerebellum and cortex to control & coordinate voluntary movements. Habitual behaviors like riding a bicycle.
    Basal ganglia
  25. Lobes just above the ears. Controls hearing, language, processing, memory
    Temporal lobes
  26. Region of the cerebral cortex that processes information about voluntary movement
    Motor cortex
  27. Region of the cerebral cortex that processes information about body sensations
    Somatosensory cortex
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