small business marketing

  1. 7 design disaters for marketing material?
    • -don't enlarge logo so it's the main focus
    • -don't place your logo in text on you piece
    • -don't use every font at your disposal
    • -don't don't use color indiscriminately
    • -don't be redundant
    • -don't choose low quality or low resolustion photagraphy
    • -don't fill up every inch of white space
  2. why do you need to know your target audience media prefrences?
    it is important in creating a successful ad campaign
  3. what is a media questionaire important?
    to find out where your target audience gets their information
  4. what patterns should be included as part of the questionaire?
    listening, reading, online, viewing
  5. what is a advertising copy?
    a form of medium that communicates your marketing message with customers and prospects
  6. list and explain 4 issues to create a great copy?
    • a single clear message- create a single stratiforward message that is simple and clear
    • appeal to your audience- use emotional triggers, and relate trigger need to what you sell
    • develop a consistent theme or style- brandname + regcognition+ trust
    • credibility counts- back up your claims with facts and proof
  7. why are headlines important?
    because you only have one second to grab the reader's attention and want a powerful headline to pull the reader in
  8. list and explain 3 issues with creating good headlines
    • - make a promise in your headline to stand out , promise should match business and objectives
    • - testimonial headlines work best when accompanied by a photograph or illustration, tell their story
    • - make your headline look like news to grab attention of readers and spike their interest
  9. if full-page ads are out of the question, what are the 2 techniques available
    • 1st- negotiate for a second ad, same size and same issue
    • 2nd- negotiate a specific position with in the magazine, preferable next to a regular column
  10. what is a newsletter?
    a form of advertising that should compliment and enhance your other activities
  11. four benefits of a newletter
    • build awareness and brand your business
    • become known as an expert in your industry and field
    • introduce new or imporved products or services
    • announce important company news
  12. seven ideas for newsletter content
    • showcase your customers and include stories in your newsletter
    • feature news concerning your industry, joint ventures, mergers
    • talk about company milestones such as years in business
    • include some fun stuff, such as trivia, puzzles, crosswords
    • special events and promotions
    • have queston and answer interviews with experts in the industry
    • include tips of the month, hot to articles
  13. how can a small business pay less for print advertisement?
    • volume discounts- negotiate a volume discount with a publisher, once you have identified and tested publication
    • standby discounts- have a list of preferred publications that you like to advertise in, as well as a current ad ready to go
    • rate protection- make sure to negotiate a price protection for print ads that will be running over the long term
  14. list 5 issues in ad believability
    • claims- make them believable and backed up with facts, either stats or testimonials
    • action- are you asking reader to take action and buy
    • headline- does it grab your attention- spend time developing a good headline
    • copy- is it honest sincere? people do no want to be lied to
    • tone and content- is the message exciting? while they may be accurate, is it boring or unintersting
  15. 3 ad tricks for tv
    • demonstrate- demonstrate the benefits of your products,don't tell them what it does show them
    • keep your brand on screen at all times by making sure that you sign or banner with your business name or logo
    • avoid typing your commercial in with a d current fad. stay fresh buy fad free
  16. list ad trick for radio
    • keep your radio ads free of information about your company that is unlikely to be remembered
    • skip all company puffery, stick to mentioning benefits
    • use radio to support other marketing activities such as visit our website
  17. define PR
    a clever way to secure free meida attention and exposure for your business, products or services
  18. benefits to PR
    • builds good reationships with company's public
    • builds a good corporate image or good citizenship image
    • creates a pull or awareness benefit
    • aids in handling negative rumors
  19. list and explain 5 PR considerations
    • What marketing objectives do you want to reach? can range from sales, sales leads. a well planned PR plan can help you achieve market objectives
    • what audience do you want to reach? target audience, consider:demographics, geographic and benefits
    • what media do you want to target? know target audience to identify and which media will help you reach target market
    • what is your timeline for implementing your PR plan, or a particular segment of the plan? identify your timeline for each objective
    • what is your PR program budget and from where will the money come? though publicity is free it can get costly in creating , maintaining, and growing PR program
  20. what are the PR options for a small business and what is the advantage and disadvantage of each?
    • do it yourself option: create and maintain your own ongoing PR program and key campaigns
    • - advantage:cheaper to just employ your self
    • - disadvantage: can use up alot of energy that can be directed somewhere else
    • intern option: hire a student from a local college or university to help creat and implement your public relations program
    • - advantage: free hire
    • - disadvantage: cover out of pocket expenses associated with their work
    • freelance option: hire a freelance PR realtions consultant
    • -advantage: less expensive than full service PR
    • -disadvantage: not with a company, may be hard to find or questoinable with work
    • agency option: hire an agency that specializes in creating, maintaining, and growing PR program
    • -advantage: gain their knowledge and contact base
    • - disadvantage: most agencies will not take on small jobs and make you sign long term contracts
  21. what are the musts in a PR kit? explain each of them
    • summary sheet: like a table of contents that tells the reader what is in the media kit. it includes: name, address, and other contact info
    • press release: include a current and up to date press release
    • review sheet: one page sheet tht lists the compelling reasons that a reader should give you media coverage
    • company fact sheet: describes history of company and vision for future. describes any awards won
    • bio sheet: list of key employees and managers with your org., their titles, education, specialties
    • testimonials: include testimonials that you have received from clients.
    • visuals: pictures, maps, charts, etc. leave no doubt as to what product/service is and how people benefit
    • clippings: include past press or meida clippings tht featured your business,products/services
  22. list 4 savy tricks to create charity goodwill
    • get something in return- get a gift for making a donation
    • promote your good deeds- let your customers know that you donate routinely
    • donate resources-give charaties access to your resources as opposed to actual cash donations
    • encourage your customers to donate-establish a system that enables your customers to donate to charity
  23. what are the benefits of using civic marketing from small business?
    • raises community awareness of your business, builds customer/employee loyalty
    • build loyalty
    • helps to stand out from competitors
    • positions you as a good leader
  24. 7 reasons to write a press release
    • introducing a new product
    • starting a new business
    • celebrating an anniversary
    • receiving an award
    • launching a website
    • annoucning a partnership
    • sponsoring a workshop or seminar
  25. what is networking?
    a set of connection, net, associations, or group that works together as a unit or system
  26. 3 benefits of networking
    • power of one to one realtionship building, best and easiest way
    • building a super powerful sales force of allicances
    • build business alliance realtionship
  27. what is the power of your business card?
    because you never know where your next sale may come from, or who may refer it to you. it is a great way to seek new clients
  28. what is the rule of thumb for the best networking opportunities?
    make it a habit to be the first in, last out. arrive 20 minutes before function and after it ends. think of yourself as a host of the event and try to greet and speak to as m any people as possible before the event. "Early bird gets the worm"
  29. why is it important to follow up after having met someone?
    because it is effective networking. it helps build the relationship so tht it will benefit both parties and also help build a strong realtionship
  30. explain the 3 steps of a networking strategy
    • make the contact
    • follow up with new contact almost immediately
    • staying in contact with your new alliance forever
  31. 6 networking musts
    • carry a good supply of business cards, brochures
    • listen more than what you talk
    • follow up immediately with all networking contacts
    • have a mini sales pitch
    • regulary ask clients for referrels
    • provide incentives/gifts in exchange for referrels
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