Section C - Customers and Accounts

  1. 1. What is the difference between wholesale and retail customers?
    • Wholesale
    • 1. Deal primarily with plumbers & contractors
    • 2. Always pay shipping
    • 3. Has lower multiplier & higher discount

    • Retail
    • 1. Deals primarily with consumer or "end user"
    • 2. Do not pay ground shipping except for motor (LTL) & air freight.
    • 3. Has higher multiplier & lower discount.
  2. LTL stands for what?
    Less than Truck Load (motor freight)
  3. NDA stands for?
    Next Day Air
  4. Type of Wholesale customers?
    • 1. Standard wholesale
    • 2. E-commerce
    • 3. Cash Customers
    • 4. Buying Group
  5. Describe a Standard Wholesale customer?
    • 1. Has a credit line with YoW and can submit order and then settle invoice at a later date.
    • 2. Typically has a store and/or showroom
  6. Describe an E-commerce customer?
    • 1. Order is ship directly to the customer who pays UPS & LTL fees.
    • 2. Do not keep items in stock.
  7. Describe Cash customer?
    1. Sales are paid in full before the merchadise ships.
  8. Describe a Buying Group?
    • 1. Group of independent companies.
    • 2. Special order products and bill thorugh a centralized office.
  9. What is a sort name?
    Used to pull up customer account in our system
  10. How is the sort name entered for a wholesale customer?
    First 3 letters of the company, a space, and first 3 letters of the their city.
  11. How is the sort name entered for a retail customer?
    A specific 3 letter code, a space, and a 3 or 4 digit store number and/or city.
  12. Never use a " " account unless there is no other option.
    WI (World Imports)
  13. When given the choice between a " " account and a regular account always choose the first type.
  14. What does BKBG stand for?
    Bath & Kitchen Buying Group
  15. What is a premier customer?
    • 1. A wholesale customer who spends a certain amount a year
    • 2. Recieves benefits including a lower multiplier
  16. An E-commerce customer is also known as what?
    An E-tailer
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Section C - Customers and Accounts
Section C - Customers & Accounts