teca 1303 ch 5

  1. true or false
    Low income families can be subsidized for child care expense by the child care and development block grant provided to states by the federal government
  2. true or false
    substandard care, accidental injury or neglect, and an inadequate developmental invironment can have devastating effects on children whose families lack adequate funds for quality care
  3. true or false
    many dual income families have difficulty finding quality child care and then budgeting funds to suppport the expense for care
  4. true or false
    a highly structured schedule of activities for the chldren is an essential part of a before- and after-school program for school age children
  5. true or false
    a state liscence is required for all child care centers an family child-care situations
  6. true or false
    Resource and referral services help citizens find high-quality child care that is suitable to their needs
  7. true or false
    an au pair is a young foreign born person who exchanges child care and light housework for room, board, and small salary
  8. Which of the following is recognized child-care options and found in most larger communities?
    • a. family child care
    • b. before and after school care
    • c.child care centers
    • d. all of the above
  9. The trend over the past 35 years has been toward center-based care. in 1965, 6% preschool children were in centers and in 2003, it was
    c: 31%
  10. what is the most prevalent form of child care for school age children
    c: parent or other care
  11. what is the difference between liscensed child care program and an accredited one?
    • c: while all states have manditory lecensing for child care centers, accreditation is voluntary
    • d: accredited centers are considered higher in quality than those taht are merely licenced.

    ANSWER: c and d
  12. true of false
    on the whole, child care programs are good and only a small percentage are deemed a threat to children's welfare
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