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  1. What is this
    Image Upload 1neutrophils
  2. Besides the neutrophil describe what else is in the slide?
    Image Upload 2
  3. Image Upload 3Besides the platelets what esle is in this image
    It is a lymphocyte
  4. The normal average number of platelets in a proper field ranges from
  5. Image Upload 4A lot of swollen platelets in this image but what is the large cell
    A normal band neutrophil

    *of note just above it is a megathrombocyte
  6. Image Upload 5Is this an eosinophil or basophil?
    It is an eosinophil
  7. Image Upload 6What is on the left and is it the same cell on the right?
    These are two different cells. On the right is a basophil and on the right is an eosinophil
  8. Image Upload 7Image on right and Image on left, are they the same?
    Segmented neutrophil on the left and monocyte on right with band-shaped nucleus
  9. Image Upload 8What is this cell
  10. Image Upload 9Is this is a basophil or lymphocyte
  11. Image Upload 10What is this?
    Immature monocyte
  12. Image Upload 11What is this
    Monocyte with vacuoles
  13. Image Upload 12What is this
    Mast cell N* large black granules fill the cytoplasm -nucleus shows few, basophil granules obscure nucleus.
  14. Image Upload 13what is this
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