SAT Vocabulary. Unit 1: Lesson 6

  1. Vac
  2. Mund
  3. Uni
  4. Anima
    Spirit, Mind
  5. Hackneyed (adj.)
    This film was a hackneyed remarke with a storyline that has been done a hundred times.
    • Overused, trite
    • Synonyms: trite, prosaic, banal
    • Antonyms: original, novel
  6. Mundane (adj.)
    Having worked for years hebind s desk, she wanted to leave the mundane world behind for exoctic adventures abroad.
    • Ordinary; typical (Mund- world)
    • Synonyms: routine, workaday, banal
    • Antonyms: singular, extraordinary, sublime
  7. Vacuous (adj.)
    His latest book is widely criticized as vacuous and unintelligent.
    • Lacking substance (vac- empty)
    • Synonyms: insane, asinine, fatupus
    • Antonyms: profound, thoughtful, deep
  8. Prosaic (adj.)
    I don't understand why his oration was selected as the best; it was so prosaic that i nearly fell asleep.
    • Unimaginative; ordinary
    • Synonyms: mundane, pedestrian
    • Antonyms: innovative, quixotic, whimsical
  9. Insipid (adj.)
    Christine is the life of the party, but Tom is as insipid as they come; hardly anyone wants to talk with him.
    • Uninteresting; dull; without flavor (in- not + sapere taste)
    • Synonyms: bland, momdescript, vapid
    • Antonyms: engagong, enchanting, piquant
  10. Banal (adj.)
    That show used to be my favorite, but its story lines became so banal that i couldno longer stand it.
    • Ordinary; trivial
    • Synonyms: hackneyard, trite
    • Antonyms: extraordinary, singular, sublime
  11. Pedestrian (adj.)
    • commonplace; ordinary
    • Synonyms: prosaic, banal, vapid
  12. Dormant (adj.)
    • Inactive; sleeping (dormire sleep)
    • Synonyms: inert, fallow
  13. Unanimous (adj.)
    • In full agreement (un- one + anima mind)
    • Synonyms: concordant, concerted
  14. Uniform (adj.)
    • unvarying; always the same (un- one + forma form)
    • Synonym: homogeneous
  15. Equanimity (n.)
    • The quality of being even-tempered (equa- same + anima mind)
    • Synonyms: composure, imperturbability, aplomb
  16. Magnanimous (adj.)
    • noble of heart; generous; forgiving (magna- great + anima mind)
    • Synonyms: philanthropic, altruistic, merciful
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