Teca 1303 ch 2

  1. true or false
    John lock's theory suggests that environment is a primary force in a child's development.
  2. true or false
    The zone of proximal development is part of Bronfenbrenner's social-cultural context theory.
  3. true or false
    In colonial times the family was the major force for educating the family's children.
  4. true or false
    programs such as head start and follow through focused on the importance of parents as an educating force
  5. true or false
    Teachers need to be aware of historical perspectives so that they may learn from past thinking and become able to develop their own philosophy and decisions about teaching and learning
  6. true or false
    today's multicultural philosophy in the u.s. of america is that of a "melting pot" rather than a 'tossed salad'.
  7. Social-cultural theorists such as Vygotsky and Bronfenbrenner maintain that:
    c. development is influenced in a reciprocal manner by both biology and the socio-cultural environment
  8. why were head start programs for preschoolers developed?
    a: to provide comprehensive services, opportunities, and educational experiences for children and families in poverty
  9. In NCLB legislation, which component does not reflect the nature of the law?
    d: physical education, music, and art are major requirements
  10. Good multicultural education can best be described as a program that:
    c: helps all children understand, accept, and respect people from other cultures as well as their own cultures
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