Bethel Series OT Concepts-Assignment 5

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  1. Food allowed and forbidden
    Leviticus 11
  2. Separation of lepers
    Leviticus 13
  3. Declaration of cleanliness from leprosy in jurisdiction of priests
    Leviticus 14
  4. Day of atonement
    Leviticus 16
  5. Scapegoat for sins and iniquities
    Leviticus 16
  6. Sacrifices allowed only at tabernacle
    Leviticus 17
  7. Life is in the blood
    Leviticus 17
  8. Sabbatical year and year of jubilee
    Leviticus 25
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Bethel Series OT Concepts-Assignment 5
Bethel Series OT Concepts for assignment 5.
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