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  1. Conglomerate company, business, anything composed of heterogeneous materials or elements.
  2. Consanguineous Having the same ancestry or descent
  3. Consentaneous Done by common consent, unanimous…
    Contravene to violate, to come or be in conflict with; go or act against; deny or oppose: to contravene a statement.
  4. Contrite ( lib-er-teen) remorseful. Roseanne was truly contrite about the harsh words she had spoken in anger
  5. ContumaciousRebellious, disobedient...the contumacious behavior got her grounded.
  6. Corpulent large or bulky of body; portly; stout; fat.
  7. Cosset [kos-it] to treat as a pet; pamper; coddle. You need not to cosset him, he grown man.
  8. Coterie [koh-tuh-ree] an exclusive group; clique: A tightly-knit coterie of executive powerbrokers made all the real decisions in the company.
  9. Countermand To revoke or cancel (a command or oder)...the IRS countermanded my stimulus check.
  10. Craven cowardly; contemptibly timid; pusillanimous. to make cowardly.
  11. Credulous gullible, too trusting. The credulous teen still believes in santa.
  12. Cupidity eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something...he had cupidity written all over his face as he stared at the women.
  13. Dearth Inadequate supply, scarcity, lack...there is a dearth of food in africa.
    Decimate To destroy greatly....the population was decimated a plague.
  14. Decorous [dek-er-uhs, dih-kawr-uhs, -kohr-] characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character, etc. The appreciative guest displayed decorous behavior toward his host
  15. Deference respect, courtesy...she treated the princess wit the utmost deference. respect, courtesy...she treated the princess wit the utmost deference.
  16. Delectable delightful, highly pleasing, enjoyable. delicious. a delectable dinner.
  17. Deleterious Injurious to health, harmful....he has a deleterious influence on him
  18. Deleterious [del-i-teer-ee-uhs] Injutious to health: deleterious gases. harmful; injurious: deleterious influences.
  19. Demur to object, or to make objection. They wanted to make him the treasurer, but he demurred.
  20. Denude To strip the covering from. to make naked or bare; strip: The storm completely denuded the trees.
  21. Depredation "The act of preying upon or plundering; robbery..... he gained all of this goods by way of depredation
  22. Deride To ridicule. To speak of or treat with contempt. to make fun of.
  23. Descry To see (something unclear or distant) by looking carefully. To detect, discover....The lookout descried land on the other side of the water.
  24. Desiccate to dry thoroughly; dry up. The summer heated desiccated the grass on the terrain.
  25. Desultory lacking in consistency....Deion has a desultory academic history.
  26. Detest to hate, dislike intensely.
    Devoir a person's or one's Duty.
  27. Dexterous (Dk-Struhs)smart, clever, done with skill, skillful in the use of the hands or body....a dexterous fighter.
  28. Diaphanous see-through, translucent, transparent. I will be the first one with a diaphanous car.
  29. Didactic Instructive, Inclined to teach or lecture others too much....a didactic father in-law.
  30. Diffident lacking self confidence. restrained or reserved in manner, conduct, etc. timid; shy. While eating with the adults, the diffident youth did not speak for fear of seeming rude.
  31. Dilate To make wider or larger, cause to expand.
  32. Dilatory Intended to cause delay or procrastinate, causing delay to gain time...spitting out the mouth piece a common dilatory strategy used by boxers.
  33. Dilatory Tending to delay, or procrastinate..intended to cause delay. spitting out the mouth piece was a dilatory move.
  34. Disabuseto free from deception or error
  35. Disconsolate Hopelessly unhappy,inconsolable. sad, cheerless...losing the matvh made her disconsolate.
  36. Disconsolate hopelessly unhappy, cheerless, gloomy
  37. Disdain to look upon wit contempt, despise.
  38. Disheveled untidy,unkempt, disarranged
    "Disparate (diss puh-rit)
  39. Potent Powerful (a potent fighting force), cogent; persuasive: Several potent arguments were in his favor.
  40. Preamble Introduction. An introductory statement. preface, introduction,
  41. Precarious risky Exposed to or involving danger..dangerous, perilous. the precarious life of a street hooker.
  42. Precis (Prey-see) A concise Summary. give me a precis summary of the story.
  43. Prescience (preh.shuhns) knowledge of things before they exist or happen; foreknowledge; foresight. He had prescience of what Is to come, which was death, so he ran.
  44. Proclivity "natural or habitual inclination or tendency; propensity; predisposition: a proclivity to meticulousness. Furthermore, jeremiah does not elsewhere demonstrate a proclivity for making such specific predictions.
  45. Prodigious Extraordinary in size, amount, extent, force. A prodigious research grant.
  46. Profligate [prof-li-git, or gate] recklessly prodigal or extravagant. utterly and shamelessly immoral or dissipated; thoroughly dissolute. A profligate person. The profligate young lottery winner.
  47. Puerile of or pertaining to a child. Childishly foolish; immature or trivial: a puerile piece of writing.
  48. Puissance power, might, or force.
  49. Pulchritudinous Physically beautiful
  50. Pusillanimous Cowardly, timid, lacking courage…
  51. Querulous (kwer-yuh-les) full of complaints, complaining...characterized by complaints.....a querulous voice tone.
  52. Quiescent [kwee-es-uhnt] being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless: a quiescent mind.
  53. Rax "to stretch oneself, as after sleeping.
  54. Sycophant (sik-uh-fuhnt) a yes-man, a a servile person....a dick rider…
  55. Tacit understooo without being openly expressed. Silent, saying nothing. done without using words.
  56. Tangential digressing, diverting....irrelevant....: your argument is interesting, but its tangential to what we are debating. Let's get back on task, shall we?
  57. Tendentious expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, esp. a controversial one : a tendentious reading of history. The football player's opinion that his was the superior sport was tendentious.
  58. Tenuous Weak. lacking a sound basis, as reasoning. unsubstantiated. That tenuous argument will not help his client at all.
  59. Terrestrial earthly, pertaining to this world, and earthling: i've been trying to tell you that im not a terrestrial, im from another place.
  60. Timorous [tim-er-uhs] full of fear; fearful: The noise made them timorous. characterized by or indicating fear: a timorous whisper.
  61. Tortuous "full of twists, turns, or bends; twisting, winding, or crooked: a tortuous path.
    not direct or straightforward, as in procedure or speech: tortuous negotiations lasting for months.
  62. Tractable "(of a person or animal) easy to control or influence : the tractable dogs that have had some obedience training. (of a situation or problem) easy to deal with : trying to make the mathematics tractable.
  63. Trenchant Vigorous, effective, distinct....his trenchant observation made him the teacher's favorite.
  64. Triage the process of sorting out victims as of battle to determine medical priority in order increase the number of survivors.
  65. Truculent Belligerent, hostile. Brutally harsh. cruel, brutal,...his truculent criticism of her made her weep.
  66. Ubiquitous Existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time....i cannot escape the ubiquitous fog.
  67. Umbrage offense, I take umbrage at your disclaimer.
  68. Unassailable Not open to attack or assault...as by force or argument
  69. Usurp to sieze and hold (position, power, property etc) by force or without legal right.
  70. "Vacillate" to physically sway- to osscilate. To be indecisive: he vacillated between ordeing a big mac or a cheese Boogah.
  71. Vacuous empty, without contents; lacking in ideas or intelligence: the vacuous air. a vacuous mind.Vagabond Wandering from place to place without any settled home.Variegated varied in appearance or Multicolor
  72. "Venerable" highly respected (usu..due to age): the venerable old lady's advice.
  73. Veracious Habitually speaking the truth. honest....truthful. true, accurate.
  74. Verity the state or quality of being true; accordance with fact or reality: to question the verity of a statement.
  75. "Vernal" related to spring, fresh, spring-like, youthful: winter is coming to an end because I can feel the vernal breeze.
  76. Vex to irritate; annoy; provoke to worry: Lack of money vexes many. His noisy neighbors often vexed him.
  77. Vim energy and vitality: she's the boss' favorite, maybe its because she works with vim.
  78. Vituperateto use or address with harsh or abusive language; revile. He ran away from home to avoid being vituperated by his dad for his behavior in school.
  79. Voluble (Vol-uh-bul) Fluent, talkative,...Characterized by a continuous flow of words....a voluble spokesman.
  80. Voracious insatiable. craving or consuming large quantities of food: a voracious appetite. exceedingly eager or avid: voracious readers; a voracious collector.
  81. "Wan" pale, ashy...the sick child had a wan face, in contrast to her rosy cheeks.
  82. "Waver" to fluctuate between choices: dont waver for too long, you might loose your pick.
  83. Winsome Sweetly or innocently charming, engaging...he has a winsome smile.
  84. Yahoo A brutish and crude person
  85. Zenith The highest point or state, culmination.
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