USF Weekly Planner Vocabulary

  1. Centripetal
    The city was built with its roads and buildings situated in a centripetal manner.
    inclined to move towards the middle or center
  2. Scintilla
    There wasn't a scintilla of truth in his story.
    the smallest piece, a slight trace, a speck
  3. Gerontocracy
    The youngest member of the tribe's gerontocracy was seventy-seven.
    a government based on rule by elders
  4. Consanguinity
    Ruth felt a consanguinity with her best friend.
    kinship, relationship through a common ancestor
  5. Ursine
    Juan's presence was ursine and intimidating.
    bear-like; referring to or having to do with a bear
  6. Sinecure
    His administrative job was sinecure and relatively simple.
    a well-paying position with little responsibility
  7. Genuflect
    The servants were asked to genuflect before the king
    to bend a knee in respect, expressing servility
  8. Dilettante
    She was a dilettante whose occasional paintings never earned her much money.
    one who superficially takes up an art or activity
  9. Ignominy
    Patrick could barely stand the ignominy of failing calculus
    deep public disgrace, shame and dishonor
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