Theology_Chap 1 Questions

  1. Define Testament
  2. Explain the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament.
  3. What Version of the Hebrew Bible did early Christians use?
  4. In what common language were the Septuagint and New Testament written?
  5. What are the major genres of the New Testament?
  6. Which part of the NT was written first?
  7. Who wrote the first part of the NT and when did he write it?
  8. Describe the overall structure of the NT.
  9. In what specific way does Jesus dominate the entire collection of books?
  10. What is an apocolypse?
  11. What evidence do we have of diversity in the early Christian community?
  12. What portrait of Jesus was painted in the so called "5th Gospel" of Thomas?
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Theology_Chap 1 Questions
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