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  1. What is a coverage?
    A vector data format developed for Arc/Info; the oldest of the data formats.
  2. What is a TIN?
    TIN stands for Triangulated Irregular Network; a file type that stores 3D sufrace information, such as elevation, using a set of nodes and triangles.
  3. What is a shapefile?
    A vector feature class developed for the early version of ArcView and carried over into ArcGIS.
  4. What is the difference between large-scale and small-scale maps?
    A large-scale map is one in which the denominator of the ratio is small. Large-scale maps show a small area with great detail, while small-scale maps show bigger areas with less detail.
  5. Are digital elevation models raster or vector?
  6. What is resolution?
    The sampling interval at which data are acquired.
  7. What 4 numbers are needed for georeferencing a map in an x-y coordinate system?
    The x and y location for one pixel in the raster data set and the size of the pixel in the x and y directions.
  8. What are the two basic vector models?
    Spaghetti and topographical.
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