MOD D unit 1 vocab.

  1. Epicardium
    Cover the outer surface of the heart
  2. Arteries
    • carries blood away from heart.
    • carries oxygenated blood
  3. Anastomosis
    Surgical connection between blood vessels or the joining of 1 hollow or tubular organ to another
  4. Bradycardia
    Slow heart rate
  5. Myocardium
    Muscular, middle layer of the heart
  6. hepatic portal vein
    • forms through the fusion of superior mesenteric & splenic veins
    • empties into the liver capillaries
  7. Diastole
    [heart is larger] relaxation phase of the heart
  8. Murmura
    soft blowing or rasping sound heard by auscultation of various of various parts of the body, especially in the heart
  9. Arterioslcerosis
    a condition of hardening of an artery
  10. cardiotonic
    pertaining to increasing the tone of the heart, type of medication
  11. vasodilator
    a nerve or agent that causes dilation of blood vessels
  12. tachycardia
    fast heart rate
  13. systole
    [heart is smaller] contraction phase of heart
  14. angin [word part]
    to choke
  15. mano [word part]
  16. phono [word part]
  17. -emia
    blood condition
  18. veins
    • carry blood TO heart
    • carry deoxgenated blood
  19. thrombosis
    a condition in which there is a blood clot within the vascular system; a stationary blood clot
  20. hemagioma
    a benign tumor of a blood vessel
  21. bruits
    noise, a sound of venous or arterial origin heard on auscultation
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