Bio Terms

  1. Annual life cycle is:
    Must be grown from seed each year
  2. Biennnial life cycle means
    • two year life cycle
    • (carrots)
  3. Perennial life cycle means:
    plants regrow or reflower each year
  4. Buds:
    Embryonic shoots
  5. Axillary buds
    Where leaves meet the stems
  6. Apical buds
    Tip of the stems and branches where new growth takes place
  7. What are the three tissue systems in a plant?
    Xylem, Phloem and Epidermal system
  8. Xylem
    Water and nutrients transported from the roots
  9. Phloem
    Transports carbohydrates from areas of production to the rest of the leaves (photosynthesis; primarily leaves).
  10. Epidermal system
    • protects against water loss.
    • produce guard cells, forming stomata
  11. Parenchyma
    • General cell type, most numerous in young plants.
    • Functions as living cells
    • -photosynthetic
    • -used for storage
  12. Sclerenchyma
    Support cells
  13. Determinate growth
    • destined to form a terminal structure.
    • -leaf and flower
    • -programmed, ends with differentiation into non dividing cell types
  14. Indeterminate growth
    • -in meristems
    • -undifferentiated cells persist while new roots and shoots grow
    • -contain potential to develop into all root and shoot structures
  15. Secondary growth
    • dicot characteristics
    • -depends on function of vascular cambium and cork cambium, which are not present in monocots.
    • -cork surrounds stem and roots
    • -water proofing
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