1. What is the maximum spacing of rafters?
    There is no maximum
  2. What should a spliced rafter have running to a load bearing wall?
    purlin support
  3. Purlin supports have a maximum spacing of ___ft?
  4. What is the longest length of plug and cord you would expect to find on an appliance with proper receptacle spacing?
  5. 3 wires coming into a home is __?
    240 volts
  6. The minimum slope permitted to use asphalt shingles on is ?
  7. Dissimilar metals joined together probably cause__?
  8. When inspecting an evaporative cooler, what must you indicate on your inspection report?
    if the cooler fan is one or two speed
  9. Mid-efficiency furnace does not need a __
    draft diverter
  10. The most common well pump is the __
    submersible pump
  11. What is the wire size (copper and aluminum) for a 60 amp breaker?
    #6 copper and #4 aluminum
  12. What is the minimum service size recommended by the NEC?
    100 amp for a single-family dwelling
  13. The minimum slope for using a wood shingle is?
  14. Another name for a 4 way valve is?
    reversing valve
  15. What is the maximum height a breaker can be according to the NEC?
  16. How much should concrete foundation walls extend above the finished grade?
    4" minimum
  17. What is spalling?
    pieces of concrete flaking off. can be caused by lack of a moisture barrier but is typically caused by a lack of sufficient cement in the concrete mix
  18. What is the maximum distance an emergency egress window can be located from the floor in a bedroom?
  19. Is a small appliance circuit in the kitchen allowed to have a light on the circuit?
  20. A plumbing vent has to extend at least ___ inches above the roof and be at least ___ft from a window
    6" and 10'
  21. Black smoke is coming out of a gas furnace. What is the cause?
    incomplete combustion. cracked or defective heat exchanger
  22. What determines the type of foundation that should be installed at a particular site?
    soil sample analysis by an engineer
  23. A water heater has 4500 watts and 240 volts. What is the minimum breaker size?
    25 or 30 amp breaker. 4500 divided by 240 then multiplied by 1.25 ( 125% rule)
  24. How far from the edge of a swimming pool does a junction box have to be?
  25. What is the maximum length of a flexible gas appliance connector to a dryer or range?
  26. The range or oven requires a ___amp wire
    #8 copper or #6 aluminum. based on a 40 amp breaker
  27. Sills must be treated or decay resistent if less than ___ inches from the ground
  28. The function of a trap primer is to:
    add water to the trap to replace water lost through evaporation
  29. How many small appliance circuits are required in a kitchen?
    2- 20 amps
  30. Kitchen counter tops more than ___inches wide must have a GFCI receptacle
  31. Reverse polarity is or is not possible to cause a shock
  32. Notching of a 2X 8 joist can be made in?
    outer thirds of the joist
  33. ventilation in a crawl space should be :
    1 square foot of opening for every 150 square foot of space
  34. What is the purpose of a circuit breaker?
    to interrupt the flow of electricity
  35. An electrical wire must be at least ___feet above a diving board
  36. What does voltage measure?
    electrical pressure
  37. What is the proper way to flash around the chimney on a tile roof?
    counter flashing and pan flashing
  38. What is the bearing point of a scissor truss?
    the outer walls
  39. What type of roof requires an interlayment of felt between courses?
    wood shakes
  40. The recommended clearance between a floor joist and the dirt floor without having to use treated lumber is ___inches.
  41. How might a rafter spread be noticed from the exterior of the home?
    waviness over the roof surface
  42. Three pronged receptacles require:
    a grounding conductor
  43. How much overlap is required for a girder on concrete?
  44. What determines the size of a fireplace flue?
    the size of the fireplace opening
  45. ____support the ceiling and roof over the door and window openings
  46. The ___is the area in certain types of furnaces where combustion takes place
    Heat exchanger
  47. What is cupping on a foundation?
    the tendency of the perimeter of the foundation to rise. Usually due to excessive water around the perimeter
  48. What is the life expectancy of a 235lb asphalt shingle? What formula is used to make that determination?
    15-20 years. weight divided by 12
  49. Built up roofs have a design slope of a minimum of ___units vertical in ___units horizontal.
    1/4 12
  50. Understand the rule of 125% amperage rating for breakers
    the rule that electricians use to determine the potential safe surge factor. When an appliance is turned on, the electricity surges to meet the need, then drops off after the appliance has started. The surge factor is 25% higher than what the appliance usually uses while it is running
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