Middle Ages

  1. What 5 components brought the Middle Ages in to the modern world?
    • Discovery and exploration of a new continent
    • The Protestant reformation
    • Revival of learning
    • Rise in nationalism
    • Rise of the merchant/middle class
  2. What are the 6 characteristics of a medieval romance?
    • the hero knight and his adventures
    • the knight's love for his lady
    • chivalry
    • settings are imaginary and vague
    • mystery and suspense are derived from the supernatural
    • concealed or disguised identity
  3. Who wrote Canterbury Tales?
  4. Who wrote Le Morte d'Arthur?
  5. Who wrote The Divine Comedy?
  6. Who wrote The DeCameron?
  7. Who wrote The Once And Future King?
    T. H. White
  8. Who wrote Idylls of the King?
  9. feudalism
    a military chain of command
  10. fiefs/feuds
    the parcels of land subdivided among nobles
  11. casque
  12. fealty
    military service or allegiance
  13. serf
    peasant who is bought and sold with the land
  14. vassal
    all the people the king controls except the serfs; someone who serves a lord
  15. heraldry
    visual language used to ID a knight
  16. Guild
    trade union
  17. apprentice
    first step in becoming a master craftsman; takes 7 years
  18. journeyman
    2nd step of becoming a master craftsman, you can stay and work for wages or leave
  19. chivalry
    the practice of knighthood by the nobility
  20. saint's/truce days
    no kill days declared by the Pope
  21. morality play
    play about vices vs. virtues
  22. miracle play
    play about a miracle like in the bible
  23. tournament
    favorite pastime of the Middle Ages
  24. list
    playing field
  25. favor
    a lady's love token
  26. jousting
    two men on horses galloping towards each other at full speed trying to knock each other off
  27. lance
    short handled spear
  28. knight
    mounted soldier/horseman
  29. King Arthur
    based on a Britain chieftain; rules Britain
  30. Excalibur
    Arthur's sword given to him by the Lady of the Lake
  31. the Round Table
    Arthur's idea that everyone is equal, given to him by his father-in-law. seats 150/130 knights
  32. Camelot
    Arthur's mythical city
  33. Merlin
    Arthur's mentor/teacher
  34. Guinevere
    Arthur's wife
  35. Lancelot
    French, Arthur's best friend, Guinevere's lover, strongest knight
  36. Mordred
    Arthur's 1/2 brother
  37. Lady Igraine
    Arthur's mother
  38. billet
    place where a soldier is lodged/housed
  39. blithe
    happy or cheerful
  40. citadel
  41. cormorant
  42. begat
    the sire or father
  43. lank
  44. tabor
    a drum
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