1. Anotar
    To Write Down
  2. Estudiar
    To Study
  3. Hablar
    To Speak
  4. Necesitar
    To Need
  5. Practicar
    To Practice
  6. Tomar
    To Take
  7. Trabajar
    To Work
  8. Bailar
    To Dance
  9. Llegar
    To Arrive
  10. Visitar
    To Visit
  11. Acabar de (+ infinitive)
    To Have Just
  12. Viajar
    To Travel
  13. Dejar
    To Stop
  14. Mirar
    To Look
  15. Pagar
    To Pay
  16. Pasarlo Bien
    To Have A Good Time
  17. Arreglar
    To Tidy Up, To Fix
  18. Comprar
    To Buy
  19. Ayundar
    To Help
  20. Esperar
    To Wait, To Hope
  21. Buscar
    To Get, To Pick Up, To Find, To Look For
  22. Cambiar
    To Change, To Exchange
  23. Usar
    To Use
  24. Beber
    To Drink
  25. Comer
    To Eat
  26. Deber
    Must, Should
  27. Leer
    To Read
  28. Aprender
    To Learn
  29. Creer
    To Believe, To Think
  30. Correr
    To Run
  31. Vender
    To Sell
  32. Asistir
    To Attend
  33. Escribir
    To Write
  34. Recibir
    To Receive
  35. Vivir
    To Live
  36. Abrir
    To Open
  37. Decidir
    To Decide
  38. Estar
    To Be (feelings, moods, location of people and things)
  39. Ser
    To Be (personality, nationality, profession, dates, times, seasons)
  40. Ir
    To Go
  41. Tener
    To Have
  42. Venir
    To Come
  43. Decir
    To Say, To Tell
  44. Dar
    To Give
  45. Conocer
    To Know
  46. Saber
    To Know, To Find Out
  47. Poner
    To Put, To Place
  48. Salir
    To Go Out, To Leave
  49. Hacer
    To Do, To Make
  50. Traer
    To Bring
  51. Ver
    To See
  52. Conducir
    To Drive
  53. Tranducir
    To Translate
  54. Empezar (e:ie)
    To Begin, To Start
  55. Comenzar (e:ie)
    To Begin, To Start
  56. Pensar (e:ie)
    To Think
  57. Prederir (e:ie)
    To Prefer
  58. Querer (e:ie)
    To Want, To Wish
  59. Cerrar (e:ie)
    To Close
  60. Entender (e:ie)
    To Understand
  61. Perder (e:ie)
    To Lose
  62. Almorzar (o:ue)
    To Have Lunch
  63. Contar (o:ue)
    To Count, To Tell
  64. Costar (o:ue)
    To Cost
  65. Dormir (o:ue)
    To Sleep
  66. Jugar (o:ue)
    To Play
  67. Encontrar (o:ue)
    To Find
  68. Llover (o:ue)
    To Rain
  69. Morir (o:ue)
    To Die
  70. Recordar (o:ue)
    To Remember
  71. Poder (o:ue)
    To Be Able To
  72. Pedir (e:i)
    To Order
  73. Conseguir (e:i)
    To Get, To Obtain
  74. Servir (e:i)
    To Serve
  75. Seguir (e:i)
    To Follow
Card Set
Simple regular and irregular verbs.