Different Meds

  1. Generic name

    Trade name
    • Classification: Laxative
    • Uses: Temp. relief of constipation
    • Nursing considerations: Last BM, Auscultate BS all 4 quadrants, palpate, Document BM
    • SE: Mild cramping, N/D, Fluid and electrolyte disturbances

    • Adult: 5-10mg PRN - max 30mg for special procedure
    • Child: >6 5-10mg; >2 10mg; <2 5mg
  2. Generic name

    Trade name
    • Classification: Electrolyte & water balance agent, antihypertensive, loop diuretic
    • Therapeutic: Loop diuretic, antihypertensive
    • Uses: Tx of edema assoc. w/ CHF; cirrhosis of the liver and kidney disease
    • Can Use: Mannitol for severe edema
    • Nursing consid: Assess fluid status during therapy; measure wt; I&O ratios
    • SE: Postural hypotension, dizziness with excessive diuresis

    • Edema
    • Adult PO 20-80mg in one or more divided doses up to 600mg/day
    • Child: PO 2mg/kg
    • Neonate: 1-4mg/kg
    • HTN:
    • Adult: PO 10-40mg bid max: 480mg/day
  3. Generic name
    docusate sodium

    Trade name
    • Classification/therapeutic: Stool Softner
    • Used: Tx constipation
    • Nursing: Auscultate BS, LBM, Size of BM
    • SE: GI: Mild ab cramps, D/N/V, bitter taste

    • Adult: PO 50-500mg/day PR 50-100mg
    • Child: PO <3 10-40mg; 3-6 20-60mg; 6-12y 40-120mg/day
  4. Generic name

    Nitrocap; Minitran, Nitrostat
    • Classification: Nitrate vasodilator
    • Therapeutic: Antiaginal, vasodilator
    • Uses: Chest pain
    • Nursing: skin color, temp, lesions, BP, P, ECG
    • SE: CNS: headache, blurred vision, weakness, vertigo, dizziness, fainting

    • Adult:
    • Transdermal: apply once q24hr or leave for 10-12hr then intervals
  5. Generic name
    pantoprazole sodium

    Trade name

    long-lasting reduction of gastric acid production. PPI
    • Class: Gastric proton, pump inhibitor, antisecretory
    • Thera: Antiulcer
    • Uses: Short-term tx of erosive esophagitis associated with GERD, hypersecretory disease
    • Nursing: BS x 4, LBM, palpate ab: Soft/non-tender
    • SE: Diarrhea, flatulence, ab pain, HA, insomnia, rash

    • 100mL/15min x 20 = 133.3333/4
    • 33gtt/min
    • Adult: PO 40mg daily IV 40mg daily x 7-10 days

    Renal and hepatic impairment dosage adjustment
  6. Generic name
    metropolol tartrate


    pg 1001
    • Class: Antihypertensive, Beta-adreneric, Antagonist, Antianginal, Cardioselective
    • Thera: Antihypertensive
    • Uses: Management of mild-severe HTN, long-term tx of angina
    • Nursing: Take apical pulse, BP before administering the drug
    • SE: Hypersensitivity, rash, fever, muscle aches, fatigue, dizziness

    Adult: PO 50-100mg/day in 1-2 divided doses, may increase weekly 10-450mg
  7. Generic name
    acetminophen/ paracetamol

    Trade name
    • Class: Non-narcotic analgesic, antipyretic
    • Thera: same
    • Uses: Pain, cardiac disorders can help muscle recover faster from periods of low blood flow
    • Nursing: Take VS, Pain 1-10, temp, assess for hepatoxity
    • SE: Rash, N/V, dizziness, lethargy, diaphoresis, epigastric pain
  8. Hypoatremia
    Not enough sodium
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