Bone landmark names

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  1. Tuberosity
    rounded projection
  2. Crest
    —narrow, prominent ridge
  3. Trochanter
    large, blunt, irregular surface
  4. Line
    Line—narrow ridge of bone
  5. Tubercle
    • small rounded projection
  6. Epicondyle
    Epicondyle—raised area above a condyle
  7. Spine
    • Spine—sharp, slender
    • projection
  8. Process
    Process—any bony prominence
  9. Head
    Head- Bony expansion carried on a narrow neck
  10. Facet-
    Facet-Smooth, nearly flat articular surface
  11. Condyle
    Condyle- Rounded articular projection
  12. Ramus
    Ramus-Armlike bar
  13. Meatus
    Meatus -

    Canal-like passageway
  14. Sinus
    Sinus-Cavity within a bone
  15. Fossa
    Fossa-Shallow, basinlike depression
  16. Groove
  17. Foramen
    Foramen-Round or oval opening through a bone
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