1. Noun
    a content word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action
  2. abstract
    nouns that cannot be detected by your five senses (ex. bravery)
  3. Concrete
    nouns that you can see, hear, smell, taste, or touch (ex. puppy)
  4. Pronoun
    a function word that is used in place of a noun or noun phrase
  5. personal
    words that represent specific people or things
  6. indefinite
    words which replace nouns without specifying which noun they replace (ex. anybody)
  7. relative
    a pronoun that "relates" a subordinate clause to the rest of the sentence (ex. who)
  8. Interrogative
    a pronoun used in order to ask a question (ex. what)
  9. Demonstrative
    a pronoun or adjective which points out which item is being referred to (ex. this)
  10. Verb
    a content word that denotes an action, occurrence, or state of existence
  11. linking
    a verb which links or establishes a relationship between the subject and a term in the predicate which describes or renames the subject (ex. become)
  12. Action
    verbs that express action; something a person or thing can do
  13. Intransitive
    an action berb (neither a linking verb nor an auxiliary verb) which doesn't have a direct object
  14. Transitive
    an action or linking verb that has a complement
  15. Active
    verbs that perform the actions of a subject within a sentence
  16. passive
    verbs that describe the action done by the subject of a sentence
  17. adjective
    a word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb
  18. preposition
    words which relate a noun or pronoun (called the object of the preposition) to another word in the sentence
  19. Conjunction
    Words that join words, phrases, or sentence parts
  20. Interjection
    a word or phrase showing emotion or surprise which has no grammatical relationship to any other words or parrt of a sentence
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