Lesson Five Vocab

  1. consternation
    def: alarming dismay or concern

    syn: bewilderment; shock; trepidation
  2. anomaly
    def: a deviation from the norm; an odd or peculiar occurrence

    syn: eccentricity; irregularity; oddity
  3. vitriolic
    def: harsh in tone; bitterly critical

    syn: caustic; offensive; scathing
  4. preamble
    def: a preliminary statement; an introduction

    syn: prologue; preface; opening
  5. coterie
    def: a small group of people who share interests and meet frequently

    syn: circle; clique; society
  6. expiate
    def: to make amends for

    syn: atone; correct; rectify
  7. compendium
    def: a list or collection of items

    syn: compilation; index; anthology
  8. comprise
    def: to include or consist of; contain

    syn: constitute; encompass; incorporate
  9. eidetic
    def: pertaining to extraordinarily detailed and vivid recall

    syn: clear
  10. innocuous
    def: harmless

    syn: inoffensive; innocent
  11. foist
    def: to pass off as genuine or valuable
  12. plethora
    def: an abundance; excess

    syn: surplus; overabundance
  13. flippancy
    def: disrespect

    syn: irreverence; rudeness; impertinence
  14. incongruous
    def: incompatible; unsuitable for the situation

    syn: discordant; improper
  15. disconcert
    def: to frustrate; confuse

    syn: agitate; fluster; perplex
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