P.E Chapter 3 Acute Responses Respiratory System

  1. What are acute responses of the resipratory system?
    • Increased respiratory frequency
    • Increased tidal volume
    • Increased ventilation
    • Increased o2 uptake - VO2
  2. Explain increased in respiratory rate
    • Intended to supply more oxygen to muscles through the blood stream
    • Triggered by a build up of CO2 in the blood
  3. Explain the increase in tidal volume
    Depth of breathing increases to increase level of o2 in the lungs
  4. Explain the increase in ventilation
    Directly related increases in tidal volume and respiratory rate.

    V= TV x RR
  5. Explain increased o2 uptake VO2
    O2 transported, taken up by and used by the body for energy production
  6. What are some factors that affect VO2
    • Body size
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Training status
    • Genetics
  7. What is o2 deficit
    • At the start of exercise there is a discrepency between amount of o2 needed and the amount provided
    • Causes the changes in respiratory system
  8. Explain steady state
    When the demand of o2 equals the amount of o2 being suplied by the body
  9. What is EPOC
    Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption

    After the event when more oxygen than normal has to be consumed to pay of o2 debt from o2 deficit at the start of event
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P.E Chapter 3 Acute Responses Respiratory System
P.E Chapter 3 Acute Responses Respiratory System