pig diseases

  1. Porcine Parvovirus
    • Cause: virus
    • Signs: Encephalitis, abortion/still birth/mummified fetus
    • Prevention: Vaccination Keep a closed herd
  2. Pseudorabies
    (Aujezky’s Disease or “maditch”)
    • Cause: Virus
    • Signs: Encephalitis/
    • Abortions/ Still birth/ mummified feti
    • Prevention: Test & Cull ,Most states do not allow the vaccine, Once a pig is vaccinated it will test positive, Cattle/ Sheep/ Dogs can acquire this from pigs
  3. Colibacillosis
    • Cause: E. Coli (many varieties)
    • Signs: Dehydration, Severe yellow diarrhea in piglets 2-14 days old
    • Prevention: Vax sows before farrowing
    • Oral vax for piglets gives local GI immunity, “Autogenous” vaccine is produced from exact variety of E. Coli found on farm
  4. Rota Virus
    • Cause: Virus
    • Signs: Diarrhea in nursing pigs
    • Prevention: Vaccinate sows
  5. Corona Virus
    • Cause: Virus
    • Signs: Diarrhea in nursing pigs
    • Prevention: Vaccinate sows
  6. Clostridium Perfringens (type C)
    • Cause: C. Perfringens
    • Signs: Bloody Diarrhea in well nourished pigs
    • Prevention: Vaccinate sows
  7. Swine Dysentery
    • Cause: Treponema Hyodysentariae (spirochete)
    • Signs: Bloody diarrhea in pigs 3-4 mos old
    • Prevention: Vaccinate Juvenile pigs
  8. Atrophic Rhinitis
    • Cause: Bordatella Bronchiseptica
    • Signs: Destruction of nasal turbinates, Predisposition to pneumonia
    • Prevention: Vaccination
  9. Erysipelas (Diamond Back Disease)
    • Cause: Erysipelothrix
    • Signs: Arthritis/ Diamond shaped skin rash
    • Prevention: Vaccine
  10. Salt Toxicity (Water deprivation)
    • Cause: No water for 48+ hours
    • Signs: Circling/ Pruitis/ Blindnes/ Paddling
    • Prevention: Free access to water
  11. PRRS (Porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome)
    • Cause: Virus
    • Signs: Invades macrophages of lungs, Will suppress immune defenses, Resp signs/ abortion/ Early farrowing
    • Prevention: Vaccine
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