Fitness for Life 2

  1. People with type B behavior pattern are generally ___.

    B. easy going
  2. Which of the following is a sign of being overstressed?

    D. all of the above
  3. Which is NOT a stage of the general adaptation syndrome?

    D. acceptance stage
  4. Humans regulate their body temp. around ___.
    98.6 degrees F
  5. Which is an indication of impending heat illness?

    A. nausea
  6. Which is a major mechanism of heat loss during exercise?

    A. evaporation
  7. Which would allow the most cooling through convection?

    C. cycling
  8. The best way to determine whether the environmental conditions are imposing a heat load on your body during exercise is to monitor your____.

    A. heart rate
  9. Which is characterized by muscle spasms and twitching limbs?

    B. heat cramps
  10. Which is characterized by weakness, fatigue, decreased blood pressure, blurred vision, and pale, clammy skin?

    A. heat exhaustion
  11. Whis is NOT an intrinsic risk factor for a sports injury?

    C. intensity of activity
  12. The impact of the foot on a running surface is approximately ___ times body weight.

    B. 2.5
  13. Which of the following are associated with running injuries?

    D. all of the above
  14. Too much exercise and not enough recovery time is referred to as ____.

    D. overtraining syndrome
  15. The primary means of preventing ligament sprains is to____.

    A. refrain from activites that place a strain on joints
  16. Agents that cause cancer are called____.

    A. carcinogens
  17. The most common type of cancer is ____.

    B. skin cancer
  18. Aproximately ____% of all cancers are related to lifestyle and environmental factors.

    B. 80
  19. Life threatening tumors are called ____.

    B. malignant
  20. The process by which cancer cells spread throughout the body is called ____.

    A. metastasis
  21. Statistics reveal that 1 in ___ people in the US will contract at least one sexually transmitted infection in their lifetime.

    C. 4
  22. Hepatitis promotes an inflammatory response in the ____.

    C. liver
  23. Gonorrhea is cause by a ___ infection that can be sexually transmitted.

    B. bacterial
  24. A small group of viruses called humanpapillomavirus causes____.

    B. genital warts ( EW!!!!!!!!)
  25. Which is NOT a side effect of anabolic steroid use?

    B. baldness
  26. Chronic use of alcohol can result in ____.

    A. liver disease ( for some reason it seems like it would be all of the above though..) guess not
  27. The most common recreational drug used by college students in US is___.

    C. alcohol
  28. A cocain "high" lasts approximately ____.

    A. 5-20 minutes
  29. Nicotine is so addictive because it causes the release of ___ from the adrenal cortex.

    A. epinephrine
  30. Which would NOT be recommended for a pregnant woman?

    B. basketball hahaha imagine a whole team of pregnant ladies playing basketball
  31. When purchasing exercise equipment, which of the following is a reliable source?

    A. reputable company store
  32. Which type of health insurance covers service by the cost of the premium but limits the doctors, hospitals, and procedures you can have?

    A. health maintenance organizations (HMO)
  33. Long term use of marijuana __

    A. presents no serious health risks
    B. can result in psychological dependence
    C. does not result in psychological dependence
    D. none of the above
    You had none of the above circled but i think its B. can result in psychological dependence
  34. Which is not considered to be a health benefit of exercise?

    C. reduced risk of kidney disease
  35. Which is not considered to be one of the major components of health related physical fitness.

    B. motor skills
  36. Total wellness can be achieved by balancing____.

    D. physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and siritual health
  37. If you smoke and are aware of its health risks, and have no desire to stop, in what stage of change are you?

    C. precontemplation
  38. Welness can be dfined as ____.

    D. a state of optimal health
  39. Which of the following is not considered a goal of Healthy People 2010. ?

    B. to create disparities in health across populations
  40. A commonly used strategy to assist with behavior modification is ___.

    D. all of the above
  41. Diabetes is a disease characterized by____.

    C. high blood glucose levels
  42. In regard to physical fitness, the overload principle can be defined as___.

    A. overloading the body by exercise stress that results in an improvement in physical fitness
  43. The principle of progression states that___.

    A. exercise overload should be increased gradually during training
  44. Physical fitness can be lost due to inactivity; this is termed ____.

    B. the principle of reversibility
  45. The minimum doese of exercise required to improve health-related physical fitness is called___.

    D. none of the above
  46. Failure to get adequate rest between workouts is defined as ___.

    D. overtraining
  47. The amount of rest that is required between heavy exercise bouts is generally ____.

    D. 1-2 days
  48. A period of rest between exercise training sessions is critical for maximal improvement in physical fitness. This is often referred to as___.

    A. the principle of recuperation
  49. The minimum level of exercise required to chieve some health benefits is termed___.

    A. threshold for health benefits
  50. Which of the following are benefits of cardiorespiratory fitness?

    B. reduced risk for heart disease
  51. A problem in the araerobic synthesis of enerfy is that a by pruduct of glycolyses is the formation of ____.

    B. lactic acid ( it was faded and hard to read so its something acid)
  52. Which is NOT an example of a response to exercise?

    C. decrease in blood pressure ( i think its really B...)
  53. Which of the following adaptations accurs with ecercise training?

    C. VO2max increases
  54. Which refers to a training technique utilizing several different modes of training?

    B. cross training
  55. The recommended place(s) to "take a pulse" is (are) the ___.

    A. femoral artery
    B. radial artery
    C. carotid artery
    D. both A and C
    you circled both B and C and i looked it up and i think thats right but its not a choice
  56. Which is a benefit of a regular strength-training program?

    A. increases the endurance exercise capacity
  57. Of their total caloric intake, approximately what percentage of protein should athletes consume?

    B. 10-15%
  58. The maximal weight that an individual can lift furing one maximal effort is ____.

    C. muscular strength
  59. Muscles are attached to bones by ____.

    C. tendons
  60. A mucle contraction that results in movement of a body part is referred to as a(n) ____.

    C. isotonic contraction
  61. A muscle contraction that results in no movement of the body is referred to as a(n)

    D. isometric contraction
  62. Which of the following muscle fiber types would you expect to find in a marathon runner?

    C. slow-twitch
  63. The primary determinant of how much forcee a muscle can generate is ____.

    B. muscle size
  64. Synthetic forms of the male hormone tertosterone that are used to cause muscle hypertrophy are called ____.

    A. anabolic steroids
  65. The number of times exercise is performed in weight training is referred to as a ____.

    A. set
  66. The ability to move joints freely through their full range in of motion is referred to as ____.

    D. felixibility
  67. Which would be considered a benefit of increased flexibility?

    A. higher VO2max
  68. Stretching by slowly lengthening the muscle to a point where further movement is limited and hlding that position for a fixed period of time is referred to as ____.

    B. static stretching
  69. To improve flexibility, stretching exercises should be performed____.

    B. 2-5 days per week
  70. Approximately what percentage of Americans will be disabled by low back pain in their lifetime?

    D. 15%
  71. The intensity of stretching is monitored by feel. In general, the limb should not be stretched beyond a position creating___.

    A. mild discomfort
  72. Which would increase the risk of muscle cramping?

    D. all of the above
  73. Body composition is an important component of health-related physical fitness because ____.

    C. a high percentage of body fat is associated with an increased risk of disease
  74. The gold-standard test to determine the percentage of body fat of an individual is ____.

    B. body mass index
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